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Overwatch 2 Status Update: Blizzard Makes Changes To SMS Requirement, Addresses Bugs

"We understand that the launch experience has been frustrating for many people in our community," Blizzard wrote.


An Overwatch 2 community manager took to the game's official forums to share an Overwatch 2 status update. The post outlines some of player's biggest concerns with the game's tumultuous launch, as well as lays out how Blizzard intends to address these issues.

The first issue the post addressed was Overwatch 2's SMS requirement. Prior to the update, all Overwatch 2 players were required to connect their phone to their account in an effort to hold individuals more accountable for cheating or bad behavior. However, after many players expressed frustration with the system and criticized it for being exclusionary, Blizzard has all but eliminated the policy for existing players.

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"The majority of our console community (players who already had Overwatch connected to their account, including any console player who has played since June 9, 2021) no longer need to meet SMS Protect requirements," Blizzard wrote. "Any PC player who ever played the original Overwatch has this requirement removed."

The post then addressed yesterday's server shutdowns, stating they were necessary for two reasons: one, to address bugs relating to account merges and logins, and two, to conduct upgrades to the game's databases. Blizzard added that because of these shutdowns, it was able to quadruple server capacity and reduce login queues. Early signs indicate Overwatch 2's servers are much healthier than before, though Blizzard wrote that this weekend will be the game's "biggest test yet."

For those dealing with issues related to merging their accounts (including their Overwatch collections not successfully transferring to Overwatch 2), Blizzard has reinforced that your skins and other cosmetics are not lost and they are continuing to work on resolving the issue. Thankfully, yesterday's database upgrades should help expedite the process.

The post then addresses a few other bugs and warns players they may see an increase in matchmaking times before thanking them for their patience.

"We understand that the launch experience has been frustrating for many people in our community. We deeply appreciate your patience and thank you for your support, and we are laser focused on improving the Overwatch 2 experience for all players."

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