Overwatch 2 Push Mode Tips: Best Heroes And More Strategies

Here's how to dominate at Push, the new game mode in Overwatch 2.


Overwatch 2 has finally launched, bringing the new game mode Push to the hero shooter. While Overwatch 2 has had a rocky launch, with long queues, crashes, and a phone number requirement that has been mostly dropped by Blizzard, Push has provided a fun new neutral objective mode for people to enjoy. Here's how Push works and how to dominate in the new game mode.

How Push works in Overwatch 2

Push is a neutral objective game mode, centered around a robot that starts in the center of the map. Each teammate has a winding path to walk the robot down, with the goal of getting the robot into the enemy team's territory. The winner is determined by which team gets the robot further along or if one teammate reaches the end of the path. In order to move the robot, it needs to be completely clear of enemies and someone needs to be near it, similar to moving a payload objective. Each team has a set spawn near their own base, where the enemy team is attempting to get the robot. Unlike Payload matches, the spawns will not permanently move closer to the objective, regardless of how far you push it.

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Best practices for Push

Despite having a moving objective similar to Payload matches, the best comparison for how you should play Push is Control. The goal is to maximize the amount of time where either your team controls the robot, or is at least contesting it. If your entire team is arriving at the objective at the same time, a good strategy is to have the tank lead one healer and one damage hero to the objective from the front, while the other healer and damage character use one of the side paths to flank. Because of the way Push maps are laid out, it is far easier to flank than in other modes, which makes it a more effective strategy.

Once you control the robot, you're going to want a couple people to babysit while one of the damage heroes tries to pick off one of the enemy players before they reach the objective. Since the winner is determined by how far the robot is pushed, it's more important to keep the robot moving, even if someone staying on the objective results in a team wipe. Since the enemy team has to push the robot all the way back to their barrier, the further you can get the robot, the more time you are buying for your team to regroup before the enemy team can reach their barrier with the robot.

Best heroes for Overwatch 2 Push mode

Characters like Sombra, Genji, or Wrecking Ball that are great for diving on the enemy are great in Push as well, because they have both the speed to get back to the objective quickly and can push on the enemy team and separate them. Another thing to keep in mind is ultimate use. While there are plenty of great opportunities to use them, the two best situations are to take back control of the robot by opening with an ultimate ability, or by using ultimates when your team is close to getting the robot to the final objective marker. Since the game ends if you reach the final spot, it's a great time to put pressure on the enemy team.

Other Push tips

The objective in Push makes for great cover.
The objective in Push makes for great cover.
  • While the robot follows a winding path on each map, there are straight paths, typically through buildings, on each map--so you can get back to the fight a bit quicker.
  • With the straight paths throughout each map, there are also plenty of opportunities to flank the enemy.
  • Once a robot has moved through an area, it will move through that space faster, since it doesn't have to push the barrier. That means when you get control back from the other team, you should be able get back to where you were pretty quickly.
  • The robot pushes a massive barrier, which can be used as cover. Considering the objective moves through open pathways, this can be a vital piece of cover.
  • If you have the lead you don't need to win every team fight, just live long enough to stall the robot from moving.
  • Once overtime kicks in, it will not end as long as a member of the losing team is near the robot. There is no time limit to overtime, so clear the objective as fast as possible.

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