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Overwatch 2 Producer Says There'll Be Multiple Seasons Between New Story Missions

We aren't likely to get any new Overwatch 2 story missions this year after Invasion in August.


After Blizzard announced that Overwatch 2 story missions would be available this August in a $15 bundle called Overwatch 2: Invasion, the game's executive producer has warned that there will likely be a multi-season break between new story updates.

As reported by IGN, executive producer Jared Neuss commented on the game's upcoming content on a Twitch stream with streamer Emongg. "Don't expect the next round [of story missions] in the next season and the season after that, or anything like that," he said. "It is very much like trying to find that balance between getting [story missions] in front of players quickly because we love story stuff, and giving ourselves enough time to make changes or add features."

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"To be fair, there's a bunch of stuff that we want to do next year, or that are already in development for next year, that will fill the gaps that people will have in between," Neuss clarifies later in the stream. "We're trying to make it so that it doesn't feel like 'and then there's nothing' for a long extended period of time. It's more like 'there's this cool thing!' and 'there's this other narrative thing', 'there's this other narrative thing' - we keep telling interesting stories and moving that all forward."

From how Neuss is discussing the content, and the way Overwatch 2 usually structures its seasons, it doesn't seem likely we'll get any more story content in 2023 after Invasion at the start of August. Blizzard has said that the PvE story missions will take place on much larger maps, and include unique terrain features that aren't usually added to the game's PvP maps.

The story missions are Blizzard's new PvE focus, after it scrapped ambitious plans for an open-ended PvE Hero mode. Between the shift in plans and the announcement that story missions would be locked behind a $15 paywall, many fans are frustrated with how the Overwatch sequel has been handled so far, especially when PvE was seen as the main justification for Overwatch 2 being released as a seperate title.

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