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Overwatch 2 Players Criticize Blizzard For $26 Kiriko Cosmetic Bundle

The game's new Halloween event introduced a new cosmetic bundle, and people aren't happy.


Overwatch 2's new Halloween Terror event began today, but fans are complaining about one of the new cosmetic bundles that carries a premium price tag that's more than fans had hoped.

In particular, one of the new cosmetic bundles is the Kiriko bundle that includes a spooky new "witch" skin for the hero. This bundle costs 2600 credits, which works out to around $26. The Kiriko outfit is an ornate skin that gives Kiriko a witch's hat and matching boots and clothing for the spooky season.

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The witch skin cannot be purchased outside of the bundle. Fans have taken to social media sites like Twitter and Reddit to complain about the price of the bundle.

$20 or more for a cosmetic bundle is nothing new for free-to-play games, as Call of Duty: Warzone, Fortnite, and Apex Legends all offer bundles priced similarly.

The launch of the new Halloween Terror event also led to the reintroduction of server queues to manage demand, and this is something else that players are struggling with right now.

Overwatch 2 reached 25 million players in 10 days, setting new franchise records. Unlike the original Overwatch, the sequel is a free-to-play game and it makes money from cosmetic bundles and microtransactions.

Halloween Terror in Overwatch 2 runs until November 9. It also introduces the game's first seasonal event, Junkenstein's Revenge: Wrath of the Bride. Beyond the Halloween update, Bastion and Torbjorn returned to Overwatch 2 today. Blizzard previously removed the two characters in order to fix bugs.

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