Overwatch 2 One Punch Man Trailer Gives A Better Look At The New Skins



Blizzard has finally dropped its Overwatch 2 One Punch Man collaboration, and to celebrate the event, the studio has released a trailer showcasing the anime-inspired skins. Players will be able to attain these skins during a limited-time event running from March 7 to April 6. The One Punch Man-inspired outfits include Doomfist as Saitama, Genji as Genos, Kiriko as Terrible Tornado, and Soldier 76 as Mumen Rider.

The trailer opens up

with Saitama Doomfist preparing a punch, followed by all of the crossover skins striking an anime-like pose. As the trailer goes on, we're given a more practical look at how these skins look in action.

The limited-time event will feature six challenges for you to complete, and after each one is completed, you'll receive a One Punch Man-themed item. The final unlockable item is the Mumen Rider Soldier 76 skin.

From now until April 6, you'll have the chance to buy Doomfist, Kiriko, and Genji One Punch Man skins, which all vary in price. You can also purchase a bundle featuring all three skins and their respective items for a discounted price of 4,400 coins which equates to $44 USD. To purchase the Doomfist X Saitama bundle, you'll need 2,500 coins, 1,900 Coins for the Genji X Genos bundle, and 2,100 Coins for the Kiriko X Terrible Tornado bundle.

For more information on the crossover event, be sure to check out our Overwatch 2 One Punch Man Crossover Guide for more details.

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