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Overwatch 2 On Steam Has Overwhelmingly Negative Reviews

Almost 50,000 people have reviewed the game on Steam, and the consensus is not great.


For the first time ever, Blizzard has launched a game on Steam, but the company's first title on Valve's digital storefront--Overwatch 2--isn't being received very well by players.

Overwatch 2 came to Steam on August 10, and people wasted little time making their feelings known. The game currently has an "overwhelmingly negative" aggregate review score after nearly 50,000 reviews. Many reviews criticize the game's free-to-play business model and its various microtransactions.

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Overwatch 2 released on Steam alongside the big Invasion update that added a new hero, another map, and story missions for $15.

In late July, Blizzard announced it would bring some its games to Steam, beginning with Overwatch 2. "Gaming is for everyone. And though we remain committed to continually investing in and supporting, we want to break down the barriers to make it easier for players everywhere to find and enjoy our games," Blizzard said at the time. No future Blizzard releases for Steam have been announced.

In other news about Overwatch 2, the game's Invasion update marks its release out of early access. The developers no longer believe the game is in its "learning period" and is now ready for the spotlight.

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