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Overwatch 2 - Mercy Hero Guide

Here's how to maximize your healing as Mercy in Overwatch 2.


Overwatch 2 has revitalized the hero shooter bringing a ton of new players to the game. While some will be enticed by new heroes and the new game mode Push, new and returning players will want to try out some of the older heroes as well. That includes Mercy, a support character. Mercy is a great character for new players to learn the game and easily one of the best healers in the game. Here's how to maximize your healing as Mercy.

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Mercy overview

Mercy is a support hero who is focused almost entirely on healing. While healing is the main focus for all support heroes, Mercy provides one of the highest amounts of healing, with the trade-off being that she deals very little damage. Armed with a healing staff that can connect to an ally to provide them with healing or with a damage boost, depending on which one you want at the moment. You can swap between healing and damage instantly. Mercy also has the ability to fly towards her allies and she can even revive one person using her ability.

Mercy abilities

Caduceus Staff: Attach to a teammate a provide a stream of healing or a damage boost.

Caduceus Blaster: Fire a small automatic pistol.

Guardian Angel: Fly towards an ally. Jumping during flight launches you forward, crouching launches you upward.

Resurrect: Revive a dead teammate.

Angelic Descent: Fall slowly.

Valkyrie ultimate: Gain the ability to fly and enhance all other abilities.

If you want to deal damage, don't pick Mercy

Just because Mercy has a gun doesn't mean you should be using it outside of emergencies.
Just because Mercy has a gun doesn't mean you should be using it outside of emergencies.

While Mercy is strapped with an automatic pistol, that should only be pulled out in-case of emergency or if the rest of your team is dead. In pretty much every other circumstance, your time is better used healing or boosting a teammate, which is your role as a support hero. There are other support heroes that can deal damage, although they don't heal as much as Mercy does. It might seem a little odd to not shoot in a first-person-shooter, but Mercy's purpose is keeping the rest of the team alive.

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Anyone who has played Overwatch 2 has probably seen what is commonly referred to as a "Pocket Mercy." This refers to a Mercy that sticks with a single teammate, always providing them with healing or damage boosts. While this can be productive in the case of a Pharah and Mercy combination, most of the time your services should be provided to everyone on the team. The best way to make sure you are constantly providing healing to heroes who need it is to constantly be moving between teammates, healing whoever actually needs it. If you're going to focus on pocketing a teammate temporarily, a good time to do this iw when a teammate is using an ultimate ability.

The Valkyrie ultimate drastically increases healing

Using Mercy's ultimate ability allows her to fly and increases the output of her abilities. One of the ways it does that is by allowing your healing and damage tethers to branch out to other teammates nearby. This can be used to make a big push on an objective, or to hold out against some enemy ultimates. Some Mercy players like using the ultimate as an opportunity to pull out the pistol, since during the ultimate it has a much faster rate of fire. While you will likely get a kill or two doing this, your time is still better spent healing your team.

More Mercy tips

  • The revive is on a 20 second cooldown and takes a few seconds for the animation to complete, so you need to make sure you are in the clear before attempting it.
  • The resurrection is best used on your tank or DPS, but if only your other healer goes down in a fight, you might as well bring them back.
  • Damage boosting is most effective when with a friendly ultimate ability, making it do even more damage.
  • Use Mercy's flying abilities to keep moving around as much as possible. Being a healer puts a target on your back, especially if you play Mercy.
  • If you focus on healing teammates, you can easily out heal the enemy supports, giving your team a big advantage.

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