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Overwatch 2 Is Offering A Porsche You Can Actually Afford

Overwatch 2 is getting a Porsche event in Season 10, which features a D.Va skin designed after the Macan Electric.


Overwatch 2 is getting the first affordable Porsche in the form of a D.Va skin coming next season. The D.Va Porsche skin is inspired by the Macan Electric, and is one of two legendary skins coming to Overwatch 2 when the Porsche crossover event lands in Season 10.

Detailed in a press release, the legendary D.Va skin, which features a similar white and silver design to the Macan Electric Porsche, has a much more rounded and sleek look compared to most D.Va skins. In addition to her mech looking like a sleek sports car, D.Va herself has a gray and purple outfit that looks like a cross between a racing outfit and casual workout clothes.

Blizzard has shared concept art of the upcoming Porsche D.Va skin.
Blizzard has shared concept art of the upcoming Porsche D.Va skin.

A real-life, seven-foot-tall Macan Electric Mech was built by Onyx Forge Studios for this crossover. The statue can be seen at the Porsche Full Service Installation at Brazos Hall in Austin, Texas, through March 12, with plans to have the display travel to different gaming events throughout the year.

More details about the Porsche Overwatch 2 event will be revealed at the start of Season 10, which should be in early April. The event will have one other legendary skin, along with other cosmetics. The pricing for the legendary skins hasn't been revealed, but most legendary skin bundles cost somewhere between $20 to $30 USD, much cheaper than the real Macan Electric 4, which will cost over $80,000.

Overwatch 2 has been on a roll with crossover events, with a Cowboy Bebop collaboration coming to the game on March 12.

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