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Overwatch 2: Invasion Launches In August, Adding Story Missions And New Modes

While the original plans for PvE content were scrapped, Blizzard is adding Story Missions to Overwatch 2 later this year.


Announced during the Xbox Games Showcase, Overwatch 2: Invasion is adding PvE story missions to the popular multiplayer shooter. This massive update, which also includes co-op events, training modes, and a new character, arrives on August 10, which presumably marks the start of Season 6.

It was recently revealed that Blizzard's big plans for hero-focused story content were being scrapped. At the time, the developer said that PvE content and story-focused missions would still come to Overwatch 2, but not in the same ambitious way. The Invasion update appears to include those missions, with blizzard touting three Null Sector focused missions that can be played together.

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Detailed in the Xbox Wire, the update also includes new co-op events, similar to the ones that released during special events in the original Overwatch. Other new additions include the Hero Mastery mode, where you can play hero-specific training missions to better understand each hero's individual abilities. There will also be a new game mode called Flashpoint, which has teams fight to control three specific areas on a map in a frantic fashion.

For Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members, Blizzard is offering a special Overwatch 2 hero pack, which will unlock the five heroes that have been added since the transition to Overwatch 2 and the new hero being added in the Invasion update. The trailer also briefly teased a new hero arriving with the Invasion update. Not much was shown but the next hero is believe to be anther Support Hero. Overwatch 2: Invasion releases on August 10 and Season 5 kicks off on June 13.

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