Overwatch 2 Includes New Ping System So Your Teammates Will Move The Fricking Payload

The enhanced ping system should make even those without headsets effective communicators, so no more excuses.


Overwatch 2 will include a brand-new ping system designed to improve communication between teammates, letting them share enemy locations, communicate what they're currently doing, and request assistance, among other commands.

Blizzard opted to include the ping system in order to make sure all players could have their voices heard--both literally and figuratively. Those unable to use voice chat, or who simply don't want to, will still be able to convey information to their teammates and contribute to a win without having to worry bout using a mic or headset.

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"The inspiration behind the ping system came from a value the Overwatch team holds dearly: Every Voice Matters. This is a core value at Blizzard, and the Overwatch team wanted to personify this value in the game," Blizzard said in a blog post announcing the feature. The statement comes as there are continued investigations and lawsuits involving Blizzard regarding alleged harassment and mistreatment of women.

Overwatch 2's ping system
Overwatch 2's ping system

The pings are contextual, similar to a few other military shooters, with your character providing different information depending on where you're pointing when using the command. Rather than just say "enemy," for instance, they can say the name of the character they see, giving everyone notice that Reaper is about to unleash havoc or that Widowmaker is sniping from a distance. This only applies to the character's last-known location, however, so if they break your line-of-sight and flank you, they won't stay marked.

A command wheel is available, as well, with notices that you need healing or that you're planning to attack or defend a location. Teammates can then answer these pings with contextual lines. Not only will this give you more information, but it means you don't have to yell out that you need healing 134 times before someone actually heals you. Maybe.

Overwatch 2 doesn't yet have a release date, but the multiplayer portion will be free for those who own Overwatch and it will feature a premium campaign mode as well. Blizzard promises we'll learn more about the game's multiplayer "soon," and the ping system is a work-in-progress tool that could change. A beta will hit PC in April, and the PvE content will release after the PvP content does.

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