Overwatch 2 – Doomfist Hero Guide

Doomfist in Overwatch 2 faces a bit of an identity crisis as a tank, but Blizzard gave him some potent combo potential as compensation


Overwatch 2 puts Doomfist in a tank role, and the change creates some difficulties for the hero. Nerfed attack power makes it difficult to control enemy threats, despite Doomfist’s increased health. However, a new defensive ability and its accompanying buff to Rocket Punch opens the door to some useful combos.

You can see how all heroes, including this one, stack up in our Overwatch 2 tank tier list, DPS tier list, and support tier list. Where did your favorite land?

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Doomfist overview

Doomfist is in an odd position thanks to Overwatch 2’s changes. Becoming a tank granted him significantly more HP, but Blizzard nerfed his attack abilities to the point where you may struggle to deal with most threats. His hand cannon ability deals a decent amount of damage, but struggles to finish the job with just four rounds. Charge punch remains a potent ability if you can time it well, and it works even more effectively thanks to a new ability that speeds up charging time when you use Doomfist’s defense skill.

Doomfist is still viable as a DPS tank thanks to his combos, but he’s not the best defensive tank on the field, not until Blizzard issues some balances and improves his abilities.

Doomfist abilities

  • Hand Cannon: Fires four shots containing 11 pellets with a broad spread
  • Rocket Punch: Doomfist launches forward and punches enemies in front of him. Can be charged for greater damage and distance
  • Power Block: Protects Doomfist by reducing incoming frontal damage by 80 percent. Lasts 2 seconds
  • Seismic Slam: Doomfist leaps forward and smashes the ground
  • Meteor Strike: Doomfist leaps into the sky and crashes down, dealing heavy damage in a broad area

One punch man

Doomfist’s punch is weaker now. Doomfist’s hand cannon is weaker now. String the two abilities together, though, and you have quite a potent combo. Doomfist’s punch knocks its target back and leaves them unable to move for a moment, during which time you can follow up with a few hand cannon shots and--usually--finish the job, assuming your aim is good.

A charged punch deals more damage, naturally, and if you happen to pin them against the wall, you deal even more damage. The problem is getting the aim right, since charging takes a few seconds. The ability covers a fair bit of ground, but it’s best to use it fairly close, so you’re more likely to connect with your target.

Full frontal

Doomfist’s new power block ability reduces incoming damage from the front by 80 percent, which is excellent in tight corridors and not so much elsewhere. Unlike Orisa’s fortify ability, Doomfist’s leaves him vulnerable to attacks from the side and behind, so don’t try charging into an objective zone or open space and expect to see good results. Use him against turrets and characters such as D.Va who have few movement skills that can flank.

Doomfist is a master of close-range combat, but struggles with defensive abilities
Doomfist is a master of close-range combat, but struggles with defensive abilities

On the bright side, Power Block gives Doomfist’s punch ability a hefty extra boost, bumping its damage and speed, while adding a stun effect as well. If you’re struggling to use power block defensively, switch to playing Doomfist as a DPS character and rely on its buffing power instead.

Slam dunk

Seismic Slam is an easier-to-control version of Winston’s leap ability, one that gives Doomfist some much-needed help with crowd control and lets him cause some chaos in the enemy ranks. Crash down in the middle of a crowd and use rocket punch to take out weaker enemies or isolate opposing DPS heroes, then finish them with his hand cannon.

You can also use Seismic Slam to get behind an enemy team and deal with snipers, healers, and speedy, squishy DPS characters like Tracer or Genji. If you know Reaper or Ana are on the enemy team, though, mind how you go. Ana can interrupt the slam and put Doomfist to sleep, and getting anywhere near Reaper at close range is always dangerous. Seismic Slam’s trajectory is fairly easy to predict, which makes Doomfist an easy target for Widowmaker. You may want to activate power block before using it to provide some extra shielding.

  • Doomfist can jump and use Rocket Fist to attack enemies in the air, including Mercy and Pharah
  • If Winston is on the enemy team, avoid engaging him or change heroes. His close-range beam will make short work of Doomfist
  • Rocket Punch is also useful for traveling further and faster. Use it to reach an objective quickly or to retreat, if need be
  • There’s only one tank slot in Overrwatch 2, so tempting as it may be, don’t try playing Doomfist as a regular DPS character
  • Use your hand cannon wisely, since its automatic reload takes at least a second or two

If you’re keen on experimenting with other Overwatch 2 heroes, check out our tank hero tier and support hero tier to see how they all match up.

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