Overwatch 2 Details: New Maps, Hero Changes, And HUD Adjustments

Here's a roundup of everything you may have missed from Overwatch 2's "What's Next" livestream.


Overwatch 2's "What's Next" livestream contained a ton of new information about the in-development sequel, including a reduction to team sizes. Peppered throughout the two-hour presentation were other details around new maps and modes, as well as adjustments to some heroes, which have been rounded up down below to help you keep track of the latest news.

New Maps And An Added Mode

During the "What's Next" livestream, the Overwatch team unveiled a total of five maps coming to Overwatch and Overwatch 2. These maps take players around the world, from New York City's Grand Central Station to the Colosseum in Rome. Even Lucio's home of Rio de Janeiro makes an appearance as an Escort map, where players can visit his club Sinestesia.

Interestingly, the New York City location (also an Escort map) features two references to former game director Jeff Kaplan. Check the maps out below.

In addition to the three maps above, the Overwatch team revealed a brand-new mode: Push. In this mode, players compete for control over T.W.O., a giant robot that pushes a barricade meant to block a team's spawn room. The objective is to get T.W.O. to push the barricade toward the enemy team's spawn. The first to accomplish this task, or the first to get closest, wins the match; there are no draws in Push, according to the Overwatch team. Check out the two new Push maps, Rome and Toronto, below.

Character Changes And Abilities Updates

Several of the game's heroes will receive some adjustments once Overwatch 2 drops. The Overwatch team detailed a few of these changes and outlined the characters that will be impacted, including Mei, Torbjörn, and Winston.

For Mei and Winston, both heroes will get updates to their abilities that tweaks their kits. Mei's Endothermic Blaster, for example, still slows enemies and deals additional damage but no longer freezes them in place. Winston, meanwhile, has an alternative fire that shoots a longer-range bolt of lighting.

Torbjörn, on the other hand, gets an aesthetic change. He's older, has more upgraded gear, and an adjusted outfit. This kind of visual change will affect all characters, as Overwatch 2 takes place some years after the first game.

One Other Detail To Note

Blizzard Entertainment shared a blog post in conjunction with the "What's Next" livestream, calling attention to changes viewers might have missed. One such change has been made to the HUD and UI for characters like Mercy and Zenyatta to more clearly illustrate which hero is receiving healing.

Overwatch 2 currently doesn't have a release date, and it seems we won't get our hands on it until at least 2022. Check out our roundup of everything we know about the forthcoming hero shooter sequel.

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