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Overwatch 2 - Cassidy Hero Guide

Here's everything you need to know about playing Overwatch 2's resident cowboy, Cassidy.


Overwatch 2 is live and rolling, bringing the hero-shooter to new players with a free-to-play model. This means new hero balancing, new modes, and new maps. For both returning and new players, Cassidy, the cowboy damage hero, is a great pick for someone who wants to utilize their talents at first-person-shooters. Here's everything you need to know about Cassidy in Overwatch 2.

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Cassidy overview

Cassidy is a simple damage hero to use, letting high-skill players show off their aim and letting low-skill players get used to the game without being overwhelmed with abilities and cooldowns. The main damage dealer for Cassidy is his Peacekeeper Revolver, a six shooter that deals high damage with medium range. The Peacekeeper can hit at long distances, although it will begin to get hit with damage dropoff. The Peacekeeper has an alt-fire that unloads all of its bullets wildly, quickly dealing a high amount of damage at short range. Cassidy has a Magnetic Grenade that can be thrown a short distance that will attach and stick to enemies if thrown close enough to them. His Deadeye ultimate ability puts him into a standoff, facing down the enemy team. The longer you hold the Deadeye, the more damage it does, potentially one-shotting people.

Cassidy abilities

Peacekeeper Revolver: Accurate, powerful revolver.

Combat Roll: Roll in the direction you're moving and reload your Peacekeeper.

Magnetic Grenade: Throw a short range grenade that homes in on nearby enemies and deals additional damage if it sticks to them.

Deadeye: Activate an auto lock on ability that hones in on the enemy team. Opponents will light up with a red skull when the ability has reached the point they can one-shot. Fire again to shoot locked on enemies.

All about hitting shots

Your success as Cassidy depends entirely on your ability to land shots.
Your success as Cassidy depends entirely on your ability to land shots.

Cassidy has a simple set of abilities, which means you will be leaning heavily on your ability to hit shots with the Peacekeeper. It deals a hefty amount of damage, especially when you land headshots. Cassidy can handle most opponents at close to medium range, although it can be a bit more difficult to hit shots close up, which is where the alt-fire comes in. You can unload the entire revolver wildly, but if you don't secure the kill you are left reloading, which is where his Combat Roll comes in. The Combat Roll is great for getting either in or out of a fight, but it's best used when you truly need to reload but don't have time for the animation.

All eyes on me

Cassidy has a very powerful ultimate ability, letting Cassidy drop potentially the entire enemy team in one move. However, Deadeye leaves him very vulnerable, with limited movement. Cassidy also can't do anything else without either using the ultimate ability, so you need to pick your moments if you want to get it off. You can pull it before it reaches one-shot territory, instead just dealing damage to all enemies in sight. The best time to use this ability is in conjunction with another friendly ultimate ability, preferably one that does some type of crowd control, like Zarya, Sigma, or Reinhardt. This limits the enemies team's ability to kill you before you can get the ultimate off and they likely won't be able to get out of the range either.

Magnetic, at very close range

The Magnetic Grenade is great for getting a finishing blow or opening with a ton of damage against an enemy, but it has a very limited range. It will explode early if you try to throw it too far and you need to get it very close to enemies to actually stick it to them. The Magnetic Grenade deals extra damage if you stick it to an enemy, although it's not going to one-shot an enemy, even the low-health Tracer. You will need to shoot them, either before or after tossing the grenade. It's also important to know that it can deal damage to Cassidy as well, so you will want to back off once you throw it.

Other Cassidy tips

  • Cassidy's Peacekeeper Revolver is a hit-scan weapon, so you can shoot enemies at long distance, but it begins to experience damage drop off at roughly 50 meters.
  • The Combat Roll reloads the revolver, which is far more useful than just rolling a short distance.
  • The amount of time it takes for Deadeye to fully charge is based on how much health an enemy has, so you may have to settle for the squishier enemies instead of going for the tank.
  • The Peacekeeper alt-fire can be used regardless of how many bullets are left in the chamber.

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