Overcooked Dev Promises No NFTs, Not Now Or Ever

Ghost Town Games is taking a hard line against NFTs, citing environmental and social issues.


Ghost Town Games, the developer of the popular Overcooked series, has released a statement confirming it will never "engage" with NFTs for the Overcooked franchise or any future games.

"We at Ghost Town Games just wanted to reassure you all that Overcook (and any of our future games) will never engage with NFTs. We don't support NFTs. We think they carry too great an environment and social cost," the studio said in a social media post. "We also want to ask folk to be kind when voicing their concerns to their friendly neighborhood community managers."

There was never any reason to believe that Overcooked would engage with NFTs, but it seems Ghost Town Games is getting ahead of the matter with this statement.

The statement comes just a day after prolific voice actor Troy Baker canceled plans for his own NFT-related project, while Team17 generated discussion and debate over Worms NFTs.

Before that, Ubisoft launched a new NFT platform called Quartz, putting NFTs in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. The company later suggested that players don't understand why they would want them.

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