Overall Game of the Year 2013 Winner

An adventure for the ages.


Decades have come and gone without an entry in the Zelda franchise reaching the heights of A Link Between Worlds. While such an accomplishment warms the heart of anyone who has dutifully stood by Link during his ups and down, it has little bearing on this prestigious award.

Just for a second, remove the nostalgic tingle of exploring a familiar version of Hyrule. Forget any sentimental attachment you may have for hookshots and bottled fairies. A Link Between Worlds is fantastic in its own right. It frees you of any tutorial shackles and sets you loose in a bustling world with only your own curiosity to guide you. Such unrestrained exploration is empowering. And when the many puzzles stumped us, it was all the more satisfying to figure out a solution using our own ingenuity.

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