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Over Half Of Call Of Duty: MW2's Players Have Used The Game's Accessibility Settings

A new blog highlights interesting statistics for MW2's settings, plus new MW3 accessibility settings are detailed.


A new blog from Activision details some of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3's current accessibility settings, and it also provides statistics that show nearly half of the playerbase customized their settings using the accessibility options in last year's Call of Duty.

While the main focus of the blog is to highlight the accessibility settings for Modern Warfare 3, Activision provides a few interesting statistics for last year's MW2, revealing more than half of all players adjusted their graphical accessibility settings. This includes making changes to motion blur, field of view, and camera movement. More than 40% of MW2 players customized their deadzone input as well.

This year's Modern Warfare 3 includes the same accessibility options, but pushes the range of customization even further, with brand-new features such as the stick tester for better adjustment of the analog stick deadzone input, the graphical High Contrast mode, and the Low Motor Strain setting.

MW3's High Contrast mode
MW3's High Contrast mode

The publisher explains that tweaking the deadzone input allows players to fine-tune how much motor effort and control they have, saying, "This assists anyone with limitations in hand movement with more options for a comfortable experience." With High Contrast, the mode helps players with visual impairments by outlining allies in blue-green and enemies in red and adjusting in real-time. Additionally, the Low Motor Strain setting is offered to reduce the physical effort required when playing. When players turn this preset on, fewer button presses or holds are required, and sensitivity is increased.

Activision says these new options join existing presets to "make it faster for anyone who needs accessibility features to jump into the game."

Modern Warfare 3 also received an update to improve the game settings menu, with settings now tagged to better identify specific features, such as tags related to settings for motor, vision, audio, and cognitive adjustments. These new tags can also be filtered to make specific settings easier to find.

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