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Over 420,000 People Were Clicking A Banana Today

The free-to-play clicker game hit a new peak concurrent-player record.


There is one fruit to rule them all on Steam. Banana, a free-to-play clicker game, saw over 420,000 concurrent players earlier today as people attempt to grow their collection of the elongated fruit, according to SteamDB.

Players receive a new banana variant every three hours in the game. There is also an item store offering five different versions of the fruit for 25 cents a pop, such as the Hacked Banana and Shinobinana.

Banana has players clicking on the elongated fruit to get new banana variants.
Banana has players clicking on the elongated fruit to get new banana variants.

Banana released on April 23 to little fanfare. For instance, SteamDB shows that the game never surpassed 300 concurrent players during its first week of availability. The free-to-play title started taking off in popularity in late May and has skyrocketed over the last week. Last Friday, June 7, Banana hit more than 155,000 concurrent players, with that number almost tripling today.

This year has seen multiple Steam user records being broken, even for the platform overall. In January, Palworld surprisingly became just the second game ever to top 2 million concurrent players. Then, in February, Helldivers 2 smashed Grand Theft Auto V's concurrent Steam player record.

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