Over 2 million BK games served

Fast-food chain's collection of promotional games featuring mascots like The King, Subservient Chicken reaches sales milestone faster than Gears of War.


Last week, Microsoft proudly touted the sales figures of its Xbox 360-exclusive shooter Gears of War, mentioning that it had achieved sales of 2 million copies worldwide in just six weeks of release. Microsoft was mildly one-upped by promotional partner Burger King today, as the fast-food chain announced that its trio of games for the Xbox and Xbox 360 had broken the 2 million mark in just four weeks.

That number represents the cumulative sales of Burger King's three games--Pocketbike Racer, Big Bumpin', and Sneak King. All three were developed by Blitz Games, maker of the original Fuzion Frenzy, and are rated E for Everyone. The games sell for $3.99 each with the purchase of a value meal, while supplies last. For more on the Burger King collection, check out GameSpot's reviews of Pocketbike Racer, Big Bumpin', and Sneak King.

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Hmm...$4 vs. $60,,,

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Bonik are you retarded? The gaming industries numbers are at an all time high. In fact they've continued to increase inspite of market analysts predictions. The only reason this game has sold so well is because it only costs 4 bucks.

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UrbanMessiah Heh...Sounds like PS3 fanboys to me. Well, just keep this in mind; Both are just money in MS pockets, while Sony has nothing selling nearly as well, and more then likely won't have anything that popular for a looooong time to come. -=p 360 fanboys crack me up. Wouldn't I have to *not* be bashing the PS3 to be a PS3 fanboy? Hell, shouldn't I even WANT one? Logic these days. It's not my fault Gears of War got served...by Burger King.

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Rock on King!!! I like Pocketbike Racer. It was kind of fun for 4 bucks and I got some points.

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I own all three of these games...you can laugh or cheer but they are fun for the money. It's fun just trying to get all the achievements alone. Why wouldn't anyone nab all three for $12. I've played worse games on the 360 than those. Besides I collect unique or promo games. These should be in every collectors stash even if not for just the fact that it's the first time (that I'm aware of) that a fast food chain has sold video games based on themselves (somewhat LOL). This is video game history in the making. $12 is not a lot of money (or shame for some) for owning a piece of gaming history, whether or not you look at it for being a bad or good product.

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Does this mean we'll be seeing sequels??? --signs point to yes--

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Why are you guys talking about Gears of War on a Bk topic

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god damn it stop calling gears gow. gow stands for god of war. Stupid fanboys

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im never getting any bk games im staying with 360 games

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Hey bonik, GoW IS a fun, long lasting game. Quit talking out of your ass. I've seen the commercials for these BK games, and they do look like a lot of fun. No where near the level Gears is, but still fun. Plus, everyone talking about BK owning MS...yeah, that money DOES go into the pockets of MS. Don't forget that.

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This shows that even the stupidest gamer, can realize how badly games are being made these days. For the best rated game on the xbox360 to lose against sales to burgerking's $4 games, there is a problem. If game producers don't start making some FUN long lasting games, then there will be no such thing as the gaming industry, because they rather lay fecies on a plate and give us a knife and fork, and charge us $60-$100. Rather than burgerking who is doing esxactly the same thing for $4. If the quality of gaming doesnt improve, they will all die a horrid death in a gutter becvause they killed the gaming industry, and will not be qualified for anything else.

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I rented GoW on sunday with my friend, and we beat it in 9 hours on casual I then proceeded to beat it on hardcore by myself. There's really only one way to go through everything.... not that much replay value, and I don't have Xbox Live, so that part of the game is non-existant to me. Also, at 60$.... I dunno.... there are some other cheaper games that are also really good that I can get WAY more time out of. Like Marble Blast, i spent 2 hours shaving off fractions of a second on the same level. I DO plan on getting Pocketbike Racer though. ------WHY?? Because my other friend (who's a huge critic of everything) said it's the best 4$ he's ever spent. The 4$ price tag is what's selling the game. Next time I happen to be hungry and near a BK, I will GLADLY shell out a measly 4$ for what will probably be ate least 4 hours of stupid entertainment with my friends. Now let's compare the price to entertainment value. GoW- 19 hours for 60$ BK- 15 hours for 12$ see my point??

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That Burger King kinda reminds me of Ex UK president. Out of 2 million people, most will be kids I guess...very small kids.

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I would have never guessed.

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den again who wouldnt buy a $4 game?.... if ur spending +60$ on gears of war 4 bucks dont make too much of a difference..

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Supersize me.

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GEOW gets PWND read all about.

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"ClaudeLv250 Ouch. Gears of War got pwned. " "Maquis_UK lol BK outselling GoW.. sums up micro$haft completely for me. " Heh...Sounds like PS3 fanboys to me. Well, just keep this in mind; Both are just money in MS pockets, while Sony has nothing selling nearly as well, and more then likely won't have anything that popular for a looooong time to come. -=p

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2 million people just played bad games.... Ugh.

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Wow ,The king>Marcus Fenix. Lol

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Imagine how many copies of gears of war would of sold if it sold for just $3.99! Its very odd to compare the sales success to gears of war... if anything, this just goes to show how amazing the sales of gears of war was! I mean, burger king had far bigger advertising, it has more outlest than game stores, the prices were very cheap for a game, there were THREE kinds of games avaliable.... For a $60 gears of war MATURE title to sell nearly just as well as that, the hat definately comes off!

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ill pass

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let's see. the 3 games probabaly cost a total of $200,000 to make, sold 2 million copies so far, so the cost per copy sold is $0.10, manufacturing cost + marketing is probably about $2 per game, so that leaves about $2 profit per copy sold, 2 million copies = $4million to be shared among MS, BK, and game developer. Not too shabby.

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They suck.

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Teh King owns!!!! :lol:

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I got all 3! They're loads of fun!

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Man, after reading this I'm a bit hungry lol I wonder if BK's here in US bases in Germany are getting these, I have a BK a short walk from here.

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It's combined sales of 'THREE $3.99' games, sold alongside kiddie junk food meals. Of COURSE it's gonna sell better then one $60 game, which you usually have to purposefully enter a gaming shop to buy. $3.99 is darn cheap for a next-gen game, and the kids would see the offer, and whine and gripe till their parents fork out the change to buy it.

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Holy Mother of God.

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Odd, why are sony fans trying to make out this is a bad thing? Its just another game for the xbox 360 doing better then any game on the ps3 (at the moment..). And do you honestly think that microsoft thinks its a bad thing? I dont

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Who didn't know they where going to sell well for $3.99 each and they're pretty good for a $3.99 game

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With this kind of success, I suspect that we'll see even more videogames based on licensed products. What's great about the BK games is that they don't take themselves seriously at all. They knew that what they were doing was goofy and just decided to have fun with it. One thing that I give them for is releasing games that are playable on both the XBOX and the XBOX 360 with the same disc. I don't understand why more publishers don't do that. If I were making an XBOX game right now, I'd make sure either (a) worked with the 360's backwards compatibility environment or (b) could have both executables on the same disc. It's an easy way to increase the installed base fourfold.

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Of course it would sell more.. for $3 a pop! Anyways, is this coming to the UK?? It would seriously boost burger king sales over here! Especially for the madness that is inter-town snacking during the january sales!! But I guess maybe it wont happen... its a shame the 360 is region locked for games, otherwise I would import this (anything to bump up the gamerscore huh?) ;) Seriously though, the games (especially sneak king) imo, would definately be welcome in my collection! I love kookie games like that, and the intro screen looks like a right laugh :D

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This deserves a level three flourish!

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Ouch. Gears of War got pwned.

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LOL! That's pretty good.

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"Riverwolf007 says, Throw away the value meal and eat the disk its much better for you." LOL!!!!!!!

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The games are fun for about 5 minutes. Then you wish that you hadn't of bought them.

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I agree with psoaddict2000.......

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Throw away the value meal and eat the disk its much better for you.

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wow good for them,lol i'm about to buy a vaule meal i wonder how many more game will be out because of this?

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The games are worth 4 dollars not a big deal.

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These games are awesome! love it

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Maquis_UK - that comment you made makes no sense. these are games for the xbox 360. a microsoft console in case you didn't know.

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--Maquis_UK-- go back to playing with your litebrite

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lol BK outselling GoW.. sums up micro$haft completely for me.

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This just proves how cheap games would become if we allowed them to be simply advertisements for companies. That's why everyone should quit paying for mindless sequels and support originality first.

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Boy my friend that sold one of his songs to BK for Pocketbike Racer for a flat two hundred and fifty bucks is probably suicidal right now.