Ouya reveals holiday-themed white console

Ouya 2.0 still coming in 2014

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Following the news of a Ouya 2.0 coming in 2014, the system's developer released news of a holiday-themed version of their current hardware. The limited edition system doubles the console's internal storage (16GB instead of the standard 8GB) and will be all-white, as seen in the image above.

This particular Ouya will be limited to North America and is priced at $129.99, up from the regular version's $99.99 price. Pre-orders are available from the console's official site.

The Ouya recently surpassed 500 available games in their online store, which includes a mix of small, inide games as well as titles from major publishers like Square Enix and Sega. However, one notable former Ouya exclusive, Towerfall, recently announced that it would be coming to PS4 and PC sometime soon.

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