Ouya launching with Final Fantasy III

Square Enix bringing "optimized" version of 1990 role-playing game to new Android-powered console with free demo during March 2013.


The new Android-powered $99 Ouya console will launch with one of the most popular franchises in gaming. Square Enix announced today that Final Fantasy III will be available at launch for the Ouya during March 2013.

Bet you never imagined playing FFIII with this controller.
Bet you never imagined playing FFIII with this controller.

Final Fantasy III is a role-playing game that originally launched in 1990 for the Famicom. The Ouya version will be "optimized" for the new console, and a free demo will also be available for the game through Ouya.

Final Fantasy III is the only game Square Enix has announced thus far for Ouya, though it may not be the last. The publisher said it is considering bringing additional content to Ouya in the future, though it did not specify further.

Ouya made waves earlier this month, when a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign for the console exceeded its $950,000 funding target in under a day. As of press time, the campaign has attracted more than 45,000 backers who have together donated close to $6 million.

The Ouya console will plug into ordinary television sets, and will ship with a custom controller (pictured above). Any developer can create games for the system, which will support high-definition output via its Tegra3 chipset. It has 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal flash storage, and has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support.

Ouya will also support the OnLive gaming service at launch, allowing users to stream the company's stable of current-generation games to their televisions through the console. For more on the Ouya console, check out GameSpot's feature Five Reasons Ouya Could Be a Winner (and Five Why It Won't).

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