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Ouya Kickstarter ends with $8.6 million

Crowd-funding campaign for new Android console closes with more than 63,000 supporters; four-controller support confirmed.


The Kickstarter campaign for Ouya, a new Android-powered home console, has come to a close with a grand total of $8,596,475, rocketing past its original $950,000 goal. A total of 63,416 users have donated to the project, which promises to have consoles out by March 2013.

The Ouya is actually very small.
The Ouya is actually very small.

Yesterday, Ouya creators announced that the console would support four controllers and that Namco Bandai was planning to embrace the system. The publisher said it is currently in "active discussions" to bring some of its properties to Ouya, though none were named.

In addition to Namco Bandai, Ouya creators have partnered with streaming giant OnLive, and Square Enix, which will have Final Fantasy III available for the console at launch.

The Ouya will plug into television sets gamers already own and will ship with a custom controller sometime by March 2013. Any developer can create games for the system, which will support high-definition output via its Tegra3 chipset. It has 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal flash storage, and boasts Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support.

The Ouya is also entirely hackable. According to its creators, gamers who root the system--a process described as "easy"--will not void their warranty. Additionally, for those looking to hack the hardware itself, the console opens with a screwdriver and has USB ports for custom-made peripherals.

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