Ouya has 10,000 developers

Company reveals new developer milestone for Android-based console; Kellee Santiago says "critics have their job" about early reviews.


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More than 10,000 developers worldwide are making games for the $99 Android-powered Ouya console, head of developer relations Kellee Santiago has told Games Industry International.

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At the end of February, the company had signed on 8,000 developers. The console's list of developers ranges from startups to established companies like Square Enix, Double Fine, Tripwire Interactive, and Airtight Games.

"It's really awesome, especially at this early stage of the console still being in the preview period," Santiago said.

She cofounded Journey studio thatgamecompany and joined Ouya last month.

Santiago also addressed some of the early Ouya reviews, which were less-than-kind.

"Critics have their job," she said. "But what I can say is Ouya is a small company and we're very nimble and what's been encouraging about the criticism and the feedback so far is that it's all stuff we're aware of and we're working on. It's great to hear it because we are still in this preview period and we continue to iterate and improve upon the console in a way that no other company can. For our gamers and developers that creates a very supportive ecosystem for them."

The Ouya launches publicly on June 4 through retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, GAME, GameStop, and Target, as well as through the Ouya online store. Additional controllers can be purchased for $50.

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