Ouya 2.0 coming in 2014, new controller available soon

Improved controllers for the Ouya are in production now, and a redesigned console is expected some time next year.

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Keeping up the promise of a new console every year, Ouya 2.0 will begin development early next year for release in 2014. However, a new controller is already in production and should be available for the current system soon.

Speaking in an interview with Polygon, Urham said that controller improvements include textured thumbsticks, buttons that won't stick when pressed, and tighter triggers. The original controller will be quietly replaced at retail with the upgraded version, but consumers won't know until after they purchase the console whether they're getting a revamped controller or the original.

"If people have had issues with thumbsticks or action buttons we've been replacing those, and if you contact Ouya we'll do that today," she said. But she added that the most important problems facing the controller dealt with latency and connection issues, which have already been addressed through software updates.

Development on Ouya 2.0 won't begin until 2014, but the company is currently undecided on whether it will replace the current hardware, or both will remain available.

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Best $99 bucks I ever spent and it plays games! Rooted with Google play, Forcing 1080i HD, installed Xbmc (plays all free movies and TV shows on the net and 3d blueray Mp4's), Streams free tv channels from all over the world. I CAN'T SEE WHY ANYONE WOULD NOT WANT ONE OF THESE SYSTEMS. My controller works ok but I dislike the touch pad so I bought a wireless keyboard and mouse for it and I will be buying one for every room.

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The launch of both Xb1 and PS4 showed even silverback studios suffer launch issues. Yes, the original ouya was underpowered, but the potential pros outweigh the cons. The launch choices for both systems were deplorable. If they can get it together with Ouya 2.0, they may actually have a contender.

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To be fair, the only appeal of this thing to me (a person who is considering purchasing it) is for the local play. It has about 6 titles that got highly rated for it and I think they would be extremely fun with friends.

Here is the thing.. outside of local multiplayer, I see no other point to this thing. Other games that are singleplayer I can play on my PC or phone. If that wasn't enough, now I would be buying it KNOWING that 2.0 is just around the corner at any given month next year? Their biggest marketing mistake was announcing it before the holiday season, because now very few people will waste their money buying it if they have the knowledge of a new version coming out soonish.

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I'm sorry but I really don't understand why some people find this console attractive. can someone who actually likes it please explain it to me?

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Hmm I may need to start mine up and run a software update, because I stopped using mine 2 months ago because of the controller latency. According to the article above that was fixed with software updates. We shall see...

EDIT: Oh and I've never had the sticky button issue.

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Some of these comments here are so negative and annoying. OUYA has managed to iron out a lot of its initial kinks, so I'm happy with my product. I'm not bothered that the company will release different models in the future. Its a good idea for those who want an updated system. I will wait a few years down the line to get a newer model, but there will be others who will want the more powerful model next year or whatever. It all comes down to consumer choice really. Now, please stop with all the negative comments. Just because you don't like OUYA, doesn't mean there aren't people out there who do like it.

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the arrogance of alot of these comments make me chuckle

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if you have a smartphone ,why should u buy this thing?

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Like all androids you need to keep upgrading to make it usefull. Oyua was outdated on day one and Oyua 2 will to.

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This will be very confusing for mainstream consumers, good luck Ouya, we hardly knew ye.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> This product clearly is not aimed for mainstream market. If I still need something to my living room that can make classic game emulation and media streaming from my server I might get it when it hits like 3.0 or 4.0 and all issues are ironed out.

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> If it wasn't, then they wouldn't bother trying to market it in mainstream stores. The thing is that the higher-ups at Ouya are obviously too idealistic to competently make the system appealing. If you want examples, then how about the approving of gross-out advertisements that does nothing to show off the Ouya, and the reckless promotion of doubling the funding of any game kickstarter that pledges exclusivity to the Ouya for 6 months?

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Adding buttons that won't stick? So the buttons that stick now were part of the design?

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So if Ouya is going to be getting a new release every year, how long before console version 1 is unable to handle the latest game to hit the library? (Obviously that won't be likely for most indie titles, but for those few that are already pushing the hardware, it may become a problem.)

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<< LINK REMOVED >> same thing as iphones, androids or PCs, probably every two years or three you need to upgrade. but that probably means the ouya 4 will cost 1/5 of a ps4 and will be just as powerful, or even more...

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Here's the thing: iphones and androids have enough users to be able to do that without losing too many sales, whereas the Ouya really doesn't.

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@Doomerang @MigGui @gabrielperry they probably think they'll have enough of them later, they're trying to be average and cheap in a world where "average and cheap" of today is "useless and out of order" of tomorrow. they want a market share of middle-class current-gen customers that can't afford or don't wanna pay for a wii u, not nostalgic customers that still would play SNES if it was supported, and that means they have to launch new consoles every now and then even if that hurts their current user base.

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How do you even pronounce Ouya?

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Ohh my... Hahaha. Just give up already.

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The problem with this is....everyone already has a smartphone. Even the games that aren't what you'd expect from a smart-phone are like FF7, for example. We already own FF7. You have to offer shit on your console that people can't play on their smartphones more easily, or tablets. In a market where smartphones, tablets, computers, consoles, and TVs all can do many of the same things, you kind of need the Ouya to offer something more than a cheap pricetag.

I only have so many HDMI in's, guys.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> not a problem plenty of people like me that don't buy the internet package on their smartphone. So this does serve a purpose for people like that.

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Yea but if you actually wanted to play bejeweled 15, you could download it and then put it on your phone via USB cable.

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The buttons spell Ouya. How quaint, charming, and not at all cheesy as hell.

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They need better games and a better reason to buy it. I like the demo tracks, but how can this console be justified? If it was just a controller, it'd be better. It might have some sweet hardware, but...

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Well some movies are like that like evil dead the original one bombed at theatres Sam Raimi almost gave up on making films because of it. But this magical thing happened called a cult following word of mouth turned a bombed movie into a huge success story. That is what ouya is it isn't Sony m$ or Nintendo it is a little indie console that sales through word of mouth. I have heard good things so far but it isn't for everyone.

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What a piece of garbage... just stop already.

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Pot calling the kettle black

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<< LINK REMOVED >> That... that doesn't even make sense, since you're implying Velvethammer's a console.

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There is simply no market for this console. It's really... Well, plain bad. It's not competitive, it's not compelling and from what I've seen, it's even broken (the initial consoles for the developer crowd supporting the entire ordeal on Kickstarter).

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It doesn't appeal to everyone and it is not competing with the big 3. They have already turned a huge profit so the market is just fine for now.

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I'm surprised they didn't have a kickstarter for a new controller too.

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> who says the old ones are outdated? The big 3 do this often new colors bigger hard drive doesn't make old versions outdated.

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Come out every 2 years it will work out better.

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That button scheme is very clever..........

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Exactly. I will use my sarcasm voice next time.

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Even the casual and mobile gamers are hating on this thing. Most pointless product ever.

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Polygon: sorry about that... how much do I ouya? OOOHHH SNAP LOL!

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Which reminds-me of when was in development, the number of people that believed that it was the future, that would change gaming, bla, bla, bla, bla...

In the end it was just another PSPGO, the only difference is that it sold more systems but the overall result was still the same.

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Sounds like a money pit.

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ALREADY? OUYA is a console for programmers if your don't program it's pretty worthless.

I have a smart phone to play games.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Which is also worthless.

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"Controller improvements include buttons that won't stick when pressed" wow Ouya you're really spoiling us!