Ouya 2.0 coming in 2014, new controller available soon

Improved controllers for the Ouya are in production now, and a redesigned console is expected some time next year.

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Keeping up the promise of a new console every year, Ouya 2.0 will begin development early next year for release in 2014. However, a new controller is already in production and should be available for the current system soon.

Speaking in an interview with Polygon, Urham said that controller improvements include textured thumbsticks, buttons that won't stick when pressed, and tighter triggers. The original controller will be quietly replaced at retail with the upgraded version, but consumers won't know until after they purchase the console whether they're getting a revamped controller or the original.

"If people have had issues with thumbsticks or action buttons we've been replacing those, and if you contact Ouya we'll do that today," she said. But she added that the most important problems facing the controller dealt with latency and connection issues, which have already been addressed through software updates.

Development on Ouya 2.0 won't begin until 2014, but the company is currently undecided on whether it will replace the current hardware, or both will remain available.

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