Outriders Demo Patch Is Coming Next Week

The upcoming patch fixes a number of issues across all platforms.


The recent demo for upcoming looter-shooter Outriders has been played by over two million people in just a week. Developer People Can Fly isn't resting on its laurels, however, with a significant patch set to arrive at some point next week that fixes a number of issues ahead of the game's full release on April 1 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, and Stadia.

Connectivity issues were a problem when the demo launched last week, so People Can Fly is currently working on the game's backend to ensure the same thing doesn't happen when the full game launches. The developer says that while its infrastructure was ready for the raw number of expected players, the speed with which they were joining exceeded its expectations and the backend systems were unable to scale in time.

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People Can Fly also reiterated that any changes to the demo need to be carefully balanced with its work towards launching the full game. With that in mind, an update goes live today that's largely aimed at eliminating the grind for loot and fixing a lootcave exploit. Another patch for the demo is also set to arrive next week. Here's what to expect from that:

Outriders demo patch notes

Resolutions that apply to all platforms:

  • Added a Motion Blur Toggle [all platforms]
  • Made minor tweaks to frame rate output for certain items in cutscenes, however, we are working on a more comprehensive fix for the future [all platforms]
  • Made improvements to cut down on the time it takes to Matchmake [all platforms]
  • Made other minor improvements and fixes

Additional resolutions that apply only to PC:

  • Fixed a crash that repeatedly occurred when opening the menu or inventory [PC]
  • Fixed a bug that deletes player gear if their connection drops out during a transition [PC]
  • Improved subtitle display and synchronization during the "Bad Day" quest [PC]

Additional resolutions that apply only to Xbox Platforms:

  • Fixed menu prompts not displaying correctly in supported non-English languages [Xbox]

Additional resolutions that apply only to PlayStation Platforms:

  • Fixed store links on the "Buy Now" button in the Lobby [PS4/5]
    • Note that while the ingame button will be fixed with the patch, you can still search the PlayStation store for "Outriders" should you wish to already pre-order it.
  • Fixed bug that was causing an audio desynchronization in cutscenes [PS4/5]

Other Notes and Things We're addressing:

  • Camera Shake during Cut-scenes and Dialogues
    • This is not something that we will be able to address fully for the demo, but we are aware of the desire from players to see the shaking reduced. We believe that removing the 30fps restriction during these scenes will help reduce the impact of the camera movement, but we are continuing to investigate what can be done here.
  • Matchmaking
    • While the upcoming patch may help alleviate some issues here, we are keeping a close eye on the time it takes to matchmake and are continually investigating where such matchmaking is taking longer than it should.
  • The Cover System
    • Since the demo launch, we have been paying special attention to all player feedback and have been reading discussions about the cover system in Outriders.
    • While this is not something that we will be able to fix within the demo at this time, the main game will not only include a slew of bug fixes for many cover locations, but it will also address and fix a handful of systemic issues that are currently affecting the cover mechanic on a global level.
  • Items disappearing from player inventories.
    • This is an issue that we are treating very seriously and are doing our utmost to investigate. While our upcoming patch will address one bug causing this issue, we are continuing to track down other causes.
    • In the spirit of transparency, while we do not currently have a system in place that can automatically restore an affected player’s complete inventory, our teams are nevertheless working hard to see what may be possible in the near future.
    • Once we have identified and resolved the underlying causes for this issue, as well as further investigated the feasibility of a restoration system, we will provide the community with an update and try to get affected players back on their feet.
    • Please keep an eye on our social channels and community for further news about this.
  • Cheating and players using obvious exploits.
    • We are aware of a handful of players who are using third party software to alter the game files and save data in their favour.
    • While we cannot go into details (in order to not give such players an insight into our systems), we would like to assure all regular players that we are able to identify cheaters with relative ease via our backend system and that their actions should not affect your regular playing or your co-op experience.

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