Outlaw Volleyball Remixed Impressions - First Look

Hypnotix is bringing its over-the-top volleyball game to the PS2, along with some extra content.


Outlaw Volleyball Remixed

When it comes to volleyball games on the PS2, there aren't too many games to choose from, which is why Take Two and developer Hypnotix are working on Outlaw Volleyball Remixed. Essentially a remake of 2003's Outlaw Volleyball for the Xbox, Outlaw Volleyball Remixed will add some extra content, but it otherwise keeps the trademark over-the-top action the same.

Outlaw Volleyball Remixed has a wealth of gameplay options. For a straightforward game, you can choose exhibition mode, which lets you select from a variety of gameplay options, including scoring conditions and the number of points needed to win. There will also be exotic gameplay modes, including random play, in which your characters are selected for you at random. And then there's tour mode, which you can play to unlock new characters and options.

Needless to say, it wouldn't be an Outlaw game without the cast of wacky characters and the exotic settings. Outlaw Volleyball Remixed will add a new court (an aircraft carrier that also appears in the upcoming Outlaw Tennis) as well as a new unlockable character named Trixie. The PS2 version will also have new loading screens with tips and tutorials to help sharpen your game.

The bawdy hijinks remain the same, and your characters will taunt and flirt and even fight with one another. The fight mode is similar to that of a fighting game, and you can punch and kick an opponent to the ground. You'll actually want to choose your opponent carefully, because you can pick fights in order to try to steal the other player's momentum. Succeed, and you'll perform better when spiking and serving. Outlaw Volleyball Remixed will ship for the PS2 sometime in May.

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