Outlaw Golf ships for the GameCube

Simon & Schuster announces that the GameCube version of its quirky golf game is now in stores.


Simon & Schuster has announced that Outlaw Golf for the GameCube is now in stores. Unlike most golf games, Outlaw Golf features 10 characters that wouldn't often be seen on any course in the world let alone on the pro tour. The lineup includes such offbeat characters as a soccer hooligan named Scummy O'Doole, a dominatrix named Mistress Suki, and a boyfriend-beating motorcycle mechanic named Harley. The courses in the game are similarly diverse, taking in such exotic locations as a New Jersey turnpike, a trailer park, and a desert.

For more information on Outlaw Golf, check out our previous coverage of the game. You can also check out our previous coverage of the Xbox version of the game, which was released back in June.

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