Outlaw Golf coming to GameCube

Simon & Schuster announces that the Xbox golf game with an attitude is coming to the GameCube.


Outlaw Golf

Simon & Schuster has announced that Outlaw Golf, released for the Xbox in June, will be coming to the GameCube. The game features a realistic physics engine as well as a cast of quirky characters, including an ex-convict, a less-than-respectable doctor, strippers, and biker chicks. Outlaw Golf also features a variety of different courses, ranging from the Turnpike Valley Country Club to the El Diablo Country Club. Beyond the attitude, Outlaw Golf is a surprisingly realistic golf game, complete with spins, hooks, slices, and breaks and the sort of complexity that would be expected in a straightforward golf sim.

Outlaw Golf for the GameCube will be available in late October. For more information, check our full review of the Xbox version of the game.

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