Outlaw Golf 2 Multiplayer Hands-On

We dive into a competitive online match of Outlaw Golf 2 and discover the fun of taunting each other.


Outlaw Golf 2 promises to deliver more of the over-the-top, raucous golfing action featured in 2002's Outlaw Golf. Back are the wacky golfers and their caddies, a fantastical golf course, and the low-class humor. But one of the big new features in Outlaw Golf 2 is the online play, which will support up to four players on Xbox Live and the PS2 online.

The multiplay is set up so all players can play simultaneously, meaning that all the participants can go ahead and swing to their hearts' content without having to wait in line. This can create added pressure if you see your opponents reach the green ahead of you. It's even worse if they finish the hole ahead of you, because players can now hurl taunts and insults at each other. But, if you finish a hole early, you can heckle your slower opponents by hitting the X button on the Xbox controller. Not only will they hear your steady stream of insults, but also it may affect their game, as the controller will vibrate very slightly. And some of these taunts are colorful, to say the least.

The swing mechanics are fairly easy to learn, though they're a bit tougher to master. When you are setting up a shot, you can aim where you want to hit the ball. To swing, pull back on the right analog stick button to fill the swing meter and then slam it forward as soon as the meter hits the mark. You'll be given one "ghost ball" per hole, which allows you to look into the future and see how a shot will pan out. However, you don't have a lot of time to contemplate the shot, as there's a 30-second time limit per shot, which adds to the pressure. When you hit the ball into a hazard and take a penalty, you'll also see your composure take a hit, which will affect your ability to get a good swing on the next try.

The game will ship with eight golf courses, and each hole is not only different from one another, but also worlds apart. For example, there's a hole wrapped around a miniature volcano complete with steaming lava. Then there's the hole that's set in the giant metal trench of a huge space station. And then there's the hole with a giant skeeball ramp. At this hole, if you hit the ball in the middle of the skeeball rings, you'll nail a shortcut to the green. Obviously, each hole has its own unique challenges, but each also has its fair share of shortcuts and secrets, assuming you can find them all.

From what we played, Outlaw Golf 2 carries a fast pace for a multiplayer golf game. The game looks good, and it's almost complete. We should see both the Xbox and PS2 versions ship sometime next month.

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