Outlaw Golf 2 E3 2004 Preshow Impressions

Global Star is bringing the sequel to the rowdy golf game to the Xbox, PS2, and PC this fall.


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Global Star will be releasing Hypnotix's Outlaw Golf 2 for the Xbox, PlayStation 2, and PC this fall for a mere $20. What will your $20 get you? We took a look at a work-in-progress version of the game recently, and it looks like that will be more than a fair price for the amount of wacky golf action packed into Outlaw Golf 2.

A total of 10 characters--five golfers and five caddies--will be available for play in the game, each of which will have specific strengths. You'll be able to increase the attributes of your chosen character by playing driving range minigames, and the stat categories will include things like control, accuracy, and spin. The golfers will also have a composure rating that changes based on their performance; lower composure will naturally make their golfing worse. You can bring your golfer's composure back up by playing some more minigames, though, including one where you hit the right buttons to fight the other golfer and another in which you actually drive a golf cart through an obstacle course.

Outlaw Golf 2 will have the same three courses as the original game, but the 18 holes found on each one will be entirely new. There will also be five other courses available, so there will definitely be plenty of different holes to play through. One interesting new feature is the ghost ball, which effectively shows you exactly how the ball is going to land based on your current swing setup. Naturally, your use of the ghost ball will be very limited (otherwise, the game would just be too easy).

Outlaw Golf 2 will be playable online on both the PS2 and Xbox, the latter of which will let you rip your own soundtracks. Four-player and tournament modes will also be available. Outlaw Golf 2 should be released sometime this fall. Look for more on the game soon.

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