Outlaw Golf 2 E3 2004 Impressions

This rowdy golf sequel will pack eight new courses and will be priced at the attractive $20 mark.


According to Global Star, the original Outlaw Golf managed to sell 300,000 copies despite the fact that it was priced at $40 and only featured three full courses in the game. So when Simon & Schuster Interactive got out of the games business, Take-Two snapped up the rights to the series and made plans to publish the sequel under its Global Star brand. And if 300,000 gamers liked the original, then Global Star is betting they’ll love the sequel, which will pack eight full courses and will be priced at the $20 mark.

We’re told that the game will keep the rowdiness of the original, but underneath the outlaw veneer is a serious golf simulation. You’ll have to pay attention to your swing and power meter to succeed, though you’ll also need to keep your composure when things go wrong or else your swing and aim will get worse.

You’ll have access to five playable characters, each with his or her own caddie. And one way to relieve stress and regain your composure is to literally beat up your caddie. We watched as the young female golfer kicked her male caddie around. The graphics look to be on par with the original game (if you pardon the pun), and it retains that zany look and feel.

The appeal of Outlaw Golf was in the social nature of the multiplay. You can still kick back on the couch with your friend and play against each other, but the sequel will incorporate multiplayer support for both the Xbox and PS2, so you can take your golf trash talking online.

In addition to the eight new courses, the game will feature a full 18-hole miniature golf course, as well as a crazy golf cart-driving game--complete with stunts. Outlaw Golf 2 should ship for the PS2 and Xbox later this year.

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