Outlast 2 Delayed to Make Sure It's "the Experience You Deserve"

Outlast 2 has been postponed to provide more time for polish.

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The original Outlast was an indie hit, receiving many favorable reviews when it launched back in 2013. Its success convinced developer Red Barrels to start work on a sequel, which was planned for release at the end of this year. However, the studio announced today that it has delayed the launch of Outlast 2 until the beginning of next year.

In a post on Facebook, Red Barrels explained that the decision was not easy, but the studio simply could not ensure that the game would be ready in the previously announced timeframe. Although Red Barrels shared few details about the exact reasons behind the delay, the post implies that the additional time will be used to further polish Outlast 2.

"We want you to know that we listen to your feedback, we see your excitement and we know you care about our work," the studio wrote. "Our mission as an indie studio is to deliver to you the best, most terrifying, most fulfilling experiences possible. That's why we're taking just a little bit more time to make sure our vision for Outlast 2 is in no way compromised and is the experience you deserve."

The post also explains that the game needs more testing, stating, "This is not the type of news we ever want to deliver, but we are so fully committed to the world we've built and to our awesome community that we could not, in good conscience, release a game [whose] limits haven't been tested to the extreme."

Outlast 2 will now launch in the first quarter of 2017 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

We were able to go hands-on with Outlast 2 earlier this year, and came away impressed. You can read our preview here. You can also check out our E3 2016 interview with Outlast creator Philippe Morin.

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Avatar image for bigbadcrawford

I hope they are delaying to make it work with psvr

Avatar image for urbanman2004

There better be no more excuses from the devs if the launch is a disaster

Avatar image for cherub1000

Dissapointed for sure but if it ensures a better quality final product than fair enough. Huge fan of the first Outlast and dlc. Hoping this is gonna have me cowering behind the sofa a second time!?

Avatar image for silversix_

For once, a good delay.

Avatar image for ticklemepink

I got Outlast through PS Plus and then bought the Whistleblower DLC. Plan on getting the sequel. I don't mind delays when it results in a better game.

Avatar image for louixiii

It looks impressive...so take your time and make it worth it

Avatar image for Rambolike

"the Experience You Deserve" = we f*cked up and need more time

Avatar image for mpl911

@Rambolike: Would you prefer they rushed it out so it was released when you wanted it to be released but it was buggy or too short or the graphics were weak? By the sound of it you'd prefer that. Doesn't sound like "they fucked up" to me...just sounds like they want to make sure it's the best game they can possibly release so more people like it = more people buying it = they make more money.

Good for them I say.

Avatar image for brimmul777

@Rambolike: Yup"thats" what we need,more positive thinking.

Avatar image for doublem-k

I am sure that it will be worth it, this game looks great ;)

Avatar image for elmarine2064

I can wait patiently for this game. The first was an awesome experience. Thanks for the heads up Red Barrels!

Avatar image for darksouls

I'm pretty excited for this game. The original was quite enjoyable and a breath of fresh air imo.

Avatar image for deactivated-5c0b07b32bf03

Well that sucks. I was kinda hoping the game would come by Halloween. Oh well. Polish it up, guys. Make it good.

Avatar image for mogan

But not the one you need right now.

Avatar image for howthegodzkill

Last time someone told me I got what I deserved instead of what I wanted it didn't work out so well.

Avatar image for mentalrevolt

@howthegodzkill: so you got beat up because you deserved it but you didnt want to get beat up? Sounds right, I mean, no one WANTS to get beat up. Unless you're a psychopath....but that's a tale for another day children.

Avatar image for darksouls

@howthegodzkill: k

Avatar image for cornbredx

That's unfortunate. I was hoping to check this out around Halloween. Oh well.

Nonetheless I hope it's better than the first one. The first got real predictable about half way through (although the DLC was really good).