Outfit demo sent to front lines

THQ gives Xbox 360 gamers a chance to satisfy their appetite for destruction with free sampling of multiplayer portion of WWII shooter.


Most people who get a taste of war never want to go back. THQ hopes that gamers who step behind enemy lines will want to go back so badly, they'll shell out $60. The latest downloadable demo for Microsoft's Xbox 360 console is for THQ's The Outfit, and is now available over Xbox Live.

The 440.89MB file previews what's in store for the game's multiplayer mode when The Outfit hits shelves next week. Included in the demo is the Estate Assault map, a countryside romp through a European village with streams and rivers. The available gametype is Strategic Victory, which tasks competing sides with controlling important landmarks.

Up to six players can participate over Xbox Live in teams of three. Xbox Live Silver members will be limited to playing one-on-one battles locally via a split screen.

On the battlefield, gamers can blow up just about anything onscreen, as they jockey for control over the map. As more landmarks are secured, teams will accrue Field Units, which can be instantly used to purchase items such as tanks, additional infantry, and air-strikes.

The Outfit is rated M for Mature and will have a price tag of $59.99. For more details on the game, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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