Outer Wild Launches On Xbox One Game Pass And Epic Games Store Next Week

Releases on the Epic Games Store too.

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The launch trailer for Outer Wilds, an upcoming space exploration game that deals with time travel, has been released. The sci-fi game is scheduled to release for on May 30 for both Xbox One and PC.

On Xbox One, Outer Wilds releases day one on Game Pass. Provided you're already paying the $10 USD a month subscription fee, you can download and start playing the game come May 30. On PC, Outer Wilds is launching as a limited-time Epic Games Store exclusive.

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After fans expressed a desire for the game to launch on Steam as well, Mobius Digital said people can feel "rest assured" that their feedback is heard and that the overall goal is to "bring the game to [players'] preferred platform as quickly as possible." Mobius Digital explained that deals were struck with both Epic Games and publisher Annapurna Interactive--the latter of which is also responsible for publishing indie games such as Ashen, Donut County, and What Remains of Edith Finch--to "keep our small studio running long enough to ship the game at the level of quality that it is today." The studio added that "[each] of these partnerships has enabled us to make the game better and more accessible for everyone who will play it."

In Outer Wilds, you play as an alien caught in a The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask-like time loop. As the newest member of your planet's space program, you travel from planet to planet within your solar system in search of an explanation as to why the loop keeps occurring. Like Majora's Mask, you use what you learn from each loop to further your progress in subsequent attempts. "The planets of Outer Wilds are packed with hidden locations that change with the passage of time," Mobius Digital said in a press release. "Players can visit an underground city before it’s swallowed by sand, or explore the surface of a planet as it crumbles beneath their feet."

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Avatar image for izraal

This is great news - always glad to hear about more exciting games coming to Game Pass, I look forward to trying this one out!

Avatar image for xxmavr1kxx

I get this game for free for watching E3 on mixer on last year.

At first I was wondering what was going on with it.


I forgot about it until I read this.

Avatar image for jsprunk

Not an exclusive

Avatar image for Vodoo

Remember how the 360 had mandatory demos for every game? It seems like that's what they're using Gamepass as.... A pay to demo games service, but you can actually finish the game.

I recently got the 3 month Gamepass trial for $1. Does that mean I can't play it because I'm not paying full price?

Avatar image for sotacane

@Vodoo: you can play everything in the game pass

Avatar image for Vodoo

@sotacane: I thought so. But because the article said you can't play it unless you already are paying$10/month, I was unsure if the promo didn't apply.

Avatar image for reznik00

You can't say exclusive and then say it's available on a different platform, that's contradictory no matter what you preface it with. "Console exclusive" is an absolute worthless term MS coined to save face in their constant losing battle with their betters while they shifted to 3rd party publishing to stay relevant. Now the game being exclusive to the Epic store for a limited time is perfectly fine, it is informative. The other travesty though? That's just insulting to gamers and you're effectively calling us all stupid.

Finally, Gamepass is hilarious; pay for games you don't want to try the games you wouldn't have paid for by paying for this subscription! Anti-consumer service, this is 2013 MS.

Avatar image for freeryu

Thought it said Outer Worlds lol

Avatar image for Pyrosa

That's the best part about GamePass... Seriously don't have to risk anything to try out this game. I've been surprised by many of these indie gems.

Avatar image for sippio

Sadly, this game looks bland.

not that a game needs shooting to be fun..

~typical, a xbox exclusive is meh.. Xbow owns all these companies but still produce mediocrity..

~StateofDecay2 was such a letdown. The 1st Stateof Decay was so much solo fun..

esp w/ neverending 'Breakdown DLC'...

Xbox needs a homerun badly or the only customers they get are 1st timers..

Avatar image for johnnyboy787

@sippio: Agreed, I have my Xbox one but hardly use it since the exclusive are dissapointing after that I have no other reason to play the Xbox one.

Avatar image for firedrakez

@sippio: With the best subscription program in the industry(and at half the price of PSNow) in Gamepass (200 + games including early launch titles) and up to nearly 600 back compatible games(many of which are enhanced to 4K resolution with improved AA, increased framerates and decreased download times on the Xbox One X), you will never get bored playing on an Xbox. You just never run out of anything to play.

Exclusives are nice, but what do you do after you finish those in a few days? Turn off that console and play on Xbox One X with its variety of quality games from all 3 generations of Xbox consoles in their very best console versions(acc. to Digital Foundry and other game test sites), all playable on just one console.

Avatar image for Utnayan

@firedrakez: Gamepass is a service I subscribe too. But nothing has beaten AAA exclusives out of Sony. And I also fear we see a ton of medicore garbage on Gamepass no one cares about. Add to that complete lackluster 1st party launches with a content deprived Sea of Thieves, buggy State of Decay 2, Crackdown 3 was a mess - about the only decent game launched on the platform to date was Forza Horizons 4. So, I would rather have a service that costs more with better games, or nothing at all because it seems knowing one of their 1st party titles ends up on Gamepass (Which has a lot less cost of ownership compared to buying a title on launch day) also ends up being underfunded, under developed, and doesn't bare the same quality along with the price one pays.

Avatar image for firedrakez

@Utnayan: As I said Sony's exclusives are nice but they are dwarfed by all the AAA multi-platform third party available out there, many of which are on Gamepass along with 3 generations of Xbox exclusives including many launch titles. Being able to play Forza Horizon 4, Gears of War 4, Halo MCC, Sunset Overdrive, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Monster Hunter World, Wolfenstein II The New Colossus, Vampyr, etc. all for less than $10/month is I think a pretty good deal.

With MS adding 5 to 6 studios last year and more this year to be announced at the upcoming E3 con, their first party releases will eventually catch up with Sony's. Gamepass also cost half as much as PSNow even though it has the better library overall, is fully downloadable(PSNow can only offer livestreaming for their PS3 titles) for all their games and can be obtained via MS Rewards(if you accumulate enough points to redeem it).

Avatar image for Vodoo

@firedrakez: I have an X and a PS4. And while I 100% agree that 3rd party games are better on the X, there are no 3rd party games that even come remotely close to the quality of Sony's exclusives.

Avatar image for firedrakez

@Vodoo: That is a subjective opinion. Besides with nearly 600 back compatible games that you can access on Xbox One from 3 generations of Xbox consoles, many of them GOTY winners or candidates through the years, you will never run out of quality AAA games to play.

Again what do you do after you finish those few exclusives on the PS4? Turn on your Xbox One X and play the nearly 600(and rising) BC games and 200 quality games on Gamepass. You will never get bored on Xbox One. In fact you are always looking forward with anticipation which games they add to the BC list every week.

Avatar image for Vodoo

@firedrakez: No, most people don't play mostly BC games. They've already been played and people want something new, not old. You may, but most don't. Not to mention, you have to already OWN those games to play them. And unfortunately, most of my 200+ XBL Arcade games are not available. The bigger games are, but those mostly had remasters done as well.

I bought the XB1 on launch day. I bought the X on launch day. The gaming experience, even with 360 games and 15 Xbox games, doesn't match the quality of the PS4 exclusives. And it's really not subjective. Why do you think the PS4 has mopped the floor with Xbox this gen? Because it's a fact they have better games. You should be looking forwards, not backwards, for games.

Not to mention, I already played EVERY 360 game I wanted to play. And I always run through games at least twice. So there's little reason to play everything I've already played, AGAIN.

Avatar image for firedrakez

@Vodoo: I have read many articles that BC is quite popular and have encountered this first had among my friends in many forums. I even read from a mid 2018 article that it has already surpassed 1 billion hours used and is accelerating in terms of usage all the time. Also it is the feature I have read that PS4 and Switch owners wished for the most that I read in forums.

Actually as a PC gamer I like buying games I used to play as a kid because of nostalgia, so I presume it will be the same for Xbox games. Beside there are many all time favorites that the younger generation of gamers missed entirely so combining both population of gamers gives Xbox an established and sizeable fanbase from which to market their back compatible games.

Also don't underestimate how much you can enjoy your all time favorites enhanced on the Xbox One X. Many of the times you hear complaints about gamers being disappointed about how their favorites from previous gens look so dated when played today, but by enhancing and optimizing these games for modern hardware, you get to experience these games upgraded to modern resolutions, with higher framerates, better AA and decreased download times allowing you to enjoy them again in their remade versions.

In fact anticipating which prev gen game will be added to the BC list every week is a really fun thing to do. For instance all time favorites Ninja Gaiden 2 and 3 Razor's Edge, Hitman HD pack(Silent Assassin and Contracts), From Dust, Costume Quest, Trials Evolution, Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 was recently added to the BC list within the past month or so.

Avatar image for awesomeandstuff

@firedrakez: "Being able to play Forza Horizon 4, Gears of War 4, Halo MCC, Sunset Overdrive, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Monster Hunter World, Wolfenstein II The New Colossus, Vampyr"

You can buy most of those games for way less then $10 play them for a month and then sell them.

Avatar image for firedrakez

@awesomeandstuff: There are 200 games + on Gamepass including launch titles and you need only pay $10 a month to play them or better yet, pay for the sub with MS Reward points. For instance Obsidian's Outer Worlds is launching at the end of May and it is already going to be available on Gamepass at launch.

Avatar image for uchihasilver

@firedrakez: lol wtf is with the corporate slave talk?

Avatar image for WeskerTeam

@uchihasilver: Everything he said is true. Exclusives are overrated.

Avatar image for uchihasilver

@WeskerTeam: they are anti-consumer sure, overrated? I mean sure if all you are into is multiplayer games like fortnite and CoD the best games I’ve played this gen are easily god of war, spider-man and bloodborne

Oh and lets not forget mario odyssey, breath of the wild and super smash bros

Avatar image for firedrakez

@uchihasilver: Again what do you do after you finish with those few exclusives? With nearly 600 BC games(many of which were former GOTY winners and candidates) you can play on the Xbox One X from 3 generations of Xbox consoles and 200 + quality exclusives and multi-platforms on Gamepass, you will never run of anything to play.

Besides the number of quality multi-platform games from this generation dwarf the few exclusives that Sony and Nintendo has and their very best console versions(acc. to game testing sites like Digital Foundry) are found on the Xbox One X.

Aside from those you get features like a 4K HDR blu ray player, Dolby Vision HDR, Dolby Atmos, Free Sync(to decrease tearing), Auto Low Latency Game modes(decrease input lag), Voice Command via Alexa, Play Anywhere(play the same game on PC) Widescreen Display app(play your PC games on your Xbox One console), none of which are found on PS consoles.

Plus since you brought up Sony's anti consumer policies, I might as well bring up Sony's lack of support for cross play, and censorship policies. Overall, I think Microsoft within the past few years or so has shown a greater propensity to listening and addressing issues they get from customer feedback than Sony has demonstrated.

Avatar image for uchihasilver

@firedrakez: I can replay them just as most of the xbox back compat is replays xD also you want to tout that feature buy a PC . . . I can play games from far longer than 3 gens ago, also you really think us PC players are using xboxs to stream PC games . . . A) samsung TVs have built in steam link B) steam link was about £5 Also the Nvidia shield exists

Freesync also isn’t as good as you think often only ranges from 45fps and upwards so majority of your games cant even use it properly

Dolby vision and dolby atmos are good features and all but what like 1% of users actually have the hardware to use those features and by the time they are mainstream a newer xbox will be out

Also quality multi plats? You mean the very few that exist and the rest that are filled with multiple season passes and micro-transactions

The xbox is a great console and gamepass is a great service though if we are going all digital PC makes more and more sense in the long run and besides again you have the issue of xbox not having exclusives good enough to warrant it yes xbox can have gamepass but most people dont want to play old games microsoft even confirmed as much by the fact people aren't massive users of it so whats the incentive I would rather have more new games plus all the one xbox also gets sure they arent as high res but gameplay is king in every case and you want higher res smoother gameplay PC is there

Its worth noting I own a One X, PS4 pro, switch and a PC with a 4690k and a 1080ti

Also when the hell are Microsoft going to sort out the menus on xbox one they are laggy as all hell

Avatar image for firedrakez

@uchihasilver: I also have a PC with a gtx 1080 along with my Xbox One X to use on my 4K HDR TV. The situation I mentioned above pertains to consoles only.

Of course PC's are better at back compatibility. I have thousands of games from different eras on my PC.

The closest you have for a console doing all that in one device is the Xbox One X with nearly 600 BC games so those who don't have PC's might want to consider it. And yes it is quite a popular option. Not only do Xbox owners use them a lot, I always read comments from PS4 and Nintendo owners about wishing they could do the same.


And yes you need the monitors/TVs to take advantage of the One X's many features, but if you are in the market for a new TV and own an Xbox One X, it is important that you choose one that has the ability to use those features.

Avatar image for uchihasilver

@firedrakez: oh i dont doubt people want BC but proof has shown most don’t use it or will only use it for a couple of games but again it is nice to have and something the PS5 looks to rectify and if rumours are to be believed they are also trying to get PS3 titles to work also.

I also agree most people probably would like those features on their TV unfortunately we are still at a point where that reality means buying a £1000+ TV so many will just go for a standard 4k set atm especially so given the still remaining fears of OLED burn in for games =/

Again the Xbox one X is an impressive console but its held back by lacking modern exclusives as a selling point and it’s not that it doesn’t have any per se but so far they have been lackluster something i hope changes in the coming years and hope they live up to Sonys or Nintendos quality

I want Microsoft to do well having a less appealing product is a negative no matter what and only serves to make the competition lazy and stagnate innovation and i do suspect Sony eventually to back down on it’s stance on crossplay I feel as though this gen Sony knocked Microsofts idea down after Microsoft did the same to Sony last gen and with both working together on cloud gaming hopefully it begins to break down some of those barriers

Phil Spencer seems like a pretty good lead tbh but I feel like we’ve only just come to the point now where he may finally be finished attempting to fix his predecessors mistakes