Outcast II: The Lost Paradise details

Belgian game developer Appeal is working on a sequel to the action-adventure game Outcast.


Belgium-based game developer Appeal has posted new details about Outcast II: The Lost Paradise, its upcoming sequel to the action-adventure game Outcast. The game is being developed by for the PC and the Sony PlayStation 2, and it will let players assume the role of Cutter Slade on the planet Adelpha. The player is drawn into the middle of the conflict between technologically advanced invaders and the nature-based Talan civilization.

No official release date or publisher has been announced for the game. For more information, visit the new official Outcast II Web site.

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Yeah, canceled. :(

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@agurio: @BounceDK But now it supposedly has a release date in 2017, well March TBA anyway according to Gamespot's list they posted today. Necro'd! :)

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