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Outcast: A New Beginning Collector's Edition Is Available For Preorder, Is Extremely Limited

It also comes with an interesting collectible statue, if you're brave enough to make eye contact with it.


After two decades, Outcast is getting a brand-new sequel, and to celebrate, publisher THQ Nordic has announced an extremely limited version of the game for preorder. The collector's edition of Outcast: A New Beginning comes with several extras and a unique statue to either place on your desk or hide in your kid's room when you want to convince them that the monster in their closet is very real.

Outcast: A New Beginning Adelpha Edition

Only 5,000 of these will be available for preorder.
Only 5,000 of these will be available for preorder.

In addition to the steelbook case, audio CDs, and hardcover art book, you can gaze into the dead eyes of this realistic statue of Sai, one of the critters that you'll run into in the Outworld sequel. It's over nine inches tall, features detailed paint, and its eyes can peer into the very depths of your soul. At least the decorative base that it's perched on is quite nice. THQ Nordic says that only 5,000 of these "Adelpha Editions" will be produced, and you can preorder one for yourself right now on Amazon for $200.

As an interesting sidenote, THQ Nordic added that several of the items in this collection will still have the original Outcast 2 name, as they were produced before the game changed its title to Outcast: A New Beginning. As part of its sustainability commitments, THQ Nordic decided to keep the items as they were, creating a bridge between the game's past and its future.

Outcast: A New Beginning officially launches on March 15 for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S. Once again set on the alien planet of Adelpha, players will explore the strange world and assist the native Talans in their battle against invading robot forces.

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