Otomedius Excellent launching July 19

Konami's Gradius-style side-scrolling shoot-'em-up will be $30 on its own, or $50 bundled with soundtrack, art book, and pillowcase.


Next month will see a retro-styled revival, as Konami today announced a July 19 North American release date for the side-scrolling shoot-'em-up Otomedius Excellent on the Xbox 360.

Would you like a pillowcase with that?
Would you like a pillowcase with that?

A spin-off successor to Konami's seminal Gradius series, Otomedius Excellent has players pick from a roster of nine anime-styled female pilots--many of them scantily clad--and take on wave after wave of enemy fire. The game will include a gallery with more than 150 extra images, as well as three-player competitive and cooperative play, either locally or through Xbox Live. Postlaunch downloadable content is expected to add new characters, levels, and more.

When it arrives, Otomedius Excellent will be available in a $30 standard edition as well as a $50 special edition bundle. Otomedius enthusiasts who spend the extra $20 will receive a package that includes an art book, a soundtrack, and a two-sided pillowcase featuring the game's female characters.

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Well I know this news is old now, but this game isn't coming out July 19. Konami keeps delaying this game for North America. Amazon has it for September 27(bad move because Gears of War 3 and Resistance 3 comes out that month), while other sites has it for August. Come on Konami, stop delaying this game.

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Please let it be region free or release the game in Europe.

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Great an old school shoot them up. This is a must buy for me. Since I bought another Xbox 360 again. So I could play Raiden IV. Shoot them up goodness. Otomeius Excellent. excellent news.

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Konami Games referenced in Otomedius Excellent, Gradius (And Salamander/Life Force by relation), Twinbee (Released as "Stinger" in the U.S.), Xexex, Parodius (A game parodying a parody game?), Castlevania, Getsu Fuma Den and probably a few others I'm missing. How could I NOT buy a game with so much weirdness going on?

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Any news on a European Launch date of the game, or are we going to be left drooling once again? (ie Deathsmiles 2)

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LOOOL I don't want the Pillowcase i want the game only and i prefer REAL girl to hugs i want to feel the meat LOL

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@cameio Apparently Xbox360 users would make the most use out of scantily clad anime pilots and a pillowcase with anime women printed on it... Take that as you will.

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awww a pillow case

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Day one purchase! Now, where's my Parodius collection?

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@cameio no offense, i dont have anything against the ps3 but its probably because the 360 is so much easier and cheaper to develop for, especially for smaller games like this.

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What's wrong with Konami why they don't release this for PS3 too?!!

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pillow case? I'm sold!

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sweet i can use a new pillow case after drooling on my old one after dreaming about gears 3 release! i love these type of games too:D

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Such a shame we don't get danmaku on PS3. I would buy so many if there were.