Otogi 2: Immortal Warriors Character Spotlight

Take a look at the warriors you'll control in Sega's upcoming ethereal action sequel.


Otogi 2: Immortal Warriors

The original Otogi cast you as the undead warrior Raikoh and pitted you against hordes of demonic enemies in a game with ancient Japanese style and a uniquely ethereal look and feel. Otogi 2: Immortal Warriors ups the ante considerably, as Raikoh will now be joined by five new and wholly different playable characters. In anticipation of the game's mid-October release, we'll be taking a brief look at each of the six warriors in the game. Read on for bios, artwork, and video of each character.


Weapon: Soul Shrine Sword

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When Seimei, the capitol's renowned sorceress, realized the Holy Orb was in grave danger, she called upon the most powerful, cunning warrior of all--Raikoh. Armed with the magical blade of his clan and flanked by his four generals and Sadamitsu, Raikoh is prepared to fight to the death to purge the city of these hideous creatures.

Check out a 360-degree movie and gameplay footage of Raiko in action.


House of the Void (Infinity)
Weapon: Nature's Balance (Dual Fans)

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This great sorceress carries the most powerful magic in the capital. She must use all her powers to protect the Holy Orb, for if the demons get it, the city will fall. She guides the great Raikoh and his team of warriors into the dangerous, darkened city where demons lurk and innocent souls are held captive.

Check out a 360-degree movie and gameplay footage of Seimei in action.


House of Suzaku (Red Phoenix)
Weapon: Crimson Ax

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He fought in the Imperial Army alongside Masakado (headless horseman) and now he must fight his old comrade. As one of Raikoh's four generals, he has devoted his life to protecting the capital from the evil influences that haunt it continuously.

Check out a 360-degree movie and gameplay footage of Kintoki in action.


House of Soryu (Blue Dragon)
Weapon: Chaos Wheel

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This deeply devoted warrior is one of the capital's most powerful sorcerers. With unshakable honor, he willingly gave up his human form and transferred his spirit to the Holy Tree, so that he could serve the capital for hundreds of years.

Check out a 360-degree movie and gameplay footage of Suetake in action.


House of Genbu (Black Turtle)
Weapon: Scourge (Scythe)

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This brave warrior left her clan at a young age and moved to the capital to join the military forces. It was there she fought with the great Raikoh and honed her unparalleled aerial combat skills. She carries powerful magic and unleashes her ravens to freeze enemies.

Check out a 360-degree movie and gameplay footage of Sadamitsu in action.


House of Byakko (White Tiger)
Weapon: Darkness

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When his best friend was killed by the Spider Clan, Tsuna took his friend's sword and merged it with his own. Tsuna's vengeance runs deep and he will stop at nothing to defeat every last member of the Spider Clan.

Check out a 360-degree movie and gameplay footage of Tsuna in action.

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