Other Titles at the AOU Show

TOKYO - See details on other titles at the AOU 2000 Amusement Expo, such as a new version of Tekken, and more.


TOKYO - There were some other titles at the AOU 2000 show not at the main booths, but they were still appealing, so we decided to put together a story mentioning them.

The show featured the shooting title developed by Success and published by Taito called Cyvaria, and the previously reported Guilty Gear X was there as well. At the Sigma booth, there was a new virtual-reality-like machine called Dynamica. The machine featured both Tekken and Street Fighter EX2 as sample titles. Players stand on a platform similar to those in virtual-reality machines. Performing punches and kicks will execute moves by your onscreen characters. Jaleco showcased Dream Audition, which is a karaoke game featuring Japanese pop music with the help of Avex records.

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