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Oscar Isaac Tried To Work A Classic Meme Into Moon Knight

The Moon Knight actor attempted to incorporate an iconic meme into a scene but didn't quite work out.


Memes have become a form of expression and communication. They're in-jokes for the Internet and have been included in comic book movies going all the way back to X-Men: The Last Stand (do you still remember the Juggernaut meme?). And now we know that, at the very least, Oscar Isaac tried hard to get a very funny one into Moon Knight.

In Episode Four, "The Tomb", Marc punches himself as he and his Steven Grant persona were slugging it out for control of their body. While rehearsing and going over the choreography, Isaac wanted to include a bit of dialog that hinted at a classic meme.

"There's this meme that's really, really funny. It's got this English kid, he's got this tie on his head and he's rapping," Isaac explains to Ash Crossan of Screen Rant when talking about the scene. "And a punch comes out of nowhere and punches him and he goes 'oh f---, I can't believe you've done this.' You know which one I'm talking about?"

Crossan started laughing saying she remembered the one, which was made famous by comedian Paul Weedon as a teen, who has been reacting to Isaac mentioning him.

"We got have find an opportunity to do that," Isaac continued. "And this seemed like the perfect time to do it."

Isaac mentioned that they did several takes of the ongoing fight, and dropped the f-bomb into a few versions of it, thinking because it was TV, they were allowed one. He was mistaken and slightly heartbroken.

"We don't even get the one. We had to change it, but that was my homage to that."

Moon Knight's season finale will air next Wednesday, May 4.

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