Oro And Akira Punch Their Way Into Street Fighter V August 16

The next two Street Fighter V DLC characters finally have a release date.


The next two downloadable characters are finally on their way to Street Fighter V on August 16, as Oro and Akira were fully detailed during the SFV Summer Update.

Oro once again employs the one-handed fighting style from his Street Fighter III days, though instead of tying up one of his arms, he fights while holding a turtle. He can make objects float with his mind with Tengu Midair Stone and use them against the opponent, shoot fireballs from his fingers with Nichirin Shoi and V-Skill 1 Onibi, and grab opponents for powerful throws after activating Manrikitan.

Akira, meanwhile, plays very similarly to her Rival Schools iteration. She has access to energy blasts that extend from her arms, air combos that juggle opponents while jumping, and can call on the aid of fellow Rival Schools character--and her brother--Daigo. Akira also receives her own stage, the Rival Riverside, which features her teammates from the Rival Schools games, Edge and Gan.

The two characters were originally announced during last year's SFV Summer Update last August, with small teases shown throughout the course of the year. A small section of April's Spring Update offered gameplay of both characters, but this was the first expanded reveal of the two.

Oro and Akira join Dan, Rose, and a fifth unannounced character in the fifth season of downloadable content for Street Fighter V. Oro and Akira will both be available August 16 separately and as part of the Season 5 Pass and Premium Pass.

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