Original Quake Is Back, This Time On Consoles And With Its Original Soundtrack

Improved lighting, 4K resolution, and a new expansion created by MachineGames are all part of the package.


Quake is back on the scene, with a new, enhanced version of id Software's 1996 classic now available for consoles and PC. This new and improved version of id Software's original groundbreaking shooter includes support for 4K resolution, improved lighting, enhanced models, the return of the game's iconic soundtrack, and a brand new expansion created by MachineGames.

The Quake remaster is $10 on PlayStation, Xbox, the Nintendo Switch eShop, and Steam. The game supports local and online multiplayer and cross-play. It is also playable via xCloud for Game Pass Ultimate subscribers. Players on all platforms can download both official and fan-created mods. Quake is also available on Xbox Game Pass for both PC and consoles. Owners of the existing version of Quake on PC will receive the new enhanced version for free as an update, and will be able to choose which version of the game to play.

Limited Run Games will be selling a physical edition for Quake for PS4 and Switch, as well as deluxe and ultimate editions which include various collector's items like a commemorative Quake 25th anniversary coin, key chain, steelbook case, and more. Preorders start on August 27.

In terms of brand-new content for the game, players can explore the new, "Dimension of the Machine" expansion from Wolfenstein reboot developer MachineGames. The expansion will have players venturing "across time and space to battle the forces of evil" and power a long dormant machine in order to activate a portal "hiding the greatest threat to all known worlds."

The inclusion of the game's original soundtrack by Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails fame is likely to be a cause for celebration for many fans. While Quake has been available for purchase on PC via Steam and the Bethesda launcher, the game's original soundtrack is not included in those versions.

Quake's return comes as part of the franchise's 25th anniversary. The most-recent Quake game, the now free-to-play Quake Champions, released in 2017. More details about this new version of Quake, and the work that went into it, will be revealed at this year's all-virtual QuakeCon event.

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