Original Mirror's Edge Composer Returns for Sequel, Listen to Sample Track Here

Solar Fields promises "electronic soundscapes" for the soundtrack to Catalyst.


If you enjoyed the music in DICE's 2008 free-running game Mirror's Edge, you may be happy to learn that the Swedish composer behind that game, Solar Fields, is writing the music for Catalyst.

Fields, whose real name is Magnus Birgersson, says the music he wrote for Catalyst will carry forward the "electronic soundscapes" of the original. As you'd expect, he's working closely with DICE on the project.

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"I'm in daily contact with DICE," he says in a blog post. "Audio director Magnus Walterstad in particular has been giving me tons of information on Mirror's Edge Catalyst to help with the composing. I'm looking at the script, the biographies on all the characters, and of course the design of the city of Glass."

Fields is a hands-on composer. He says he visits DICE regularly to play through portions of the game to get an idea for the kind of musical mood he wants to set. This is also a time to gather feedback from developers.

"I get all kinds of feedback, like whether the tempo is right or if the musical themes are too positive, for instance. This input is incredibly valuable to me," he explained.

Fields also points out that the original Mirror's Edge was limited somewhat in terms of audio in that it only used one stereo channel. Catalyst, on the other hand, makes use of four different stereo channels, depending on what is happening in the game. This allows the music to be "even deeper and more dynamic."

For more on the music in Catalyst, read the full blog post and listen to the soundtrack sample above.

Catalyst launches February 23, 2016 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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