Original Mirror's Edge writer not returning for sequel

Rhianna Pratchett says she was never even asked to return.

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Original Mirror's Edge writer Rhianna Pratchett is not working on the upcoming sequel currently in development at DICE, she revealed on Twitter today.

"It's really lovely that people care enough to ask whether I'm involved with Mirror's Edge 2, but I'm not & wasn't asked," Pratchett said.

Pratchett said one reason she may not have been asked to return for the sequel was because the original game's story wasn't so well-received.

"Let's face it, ME1's story didn't review that great (for many reasons). So I consider myself a casualty of that development process," she said. "By all accounts it's a new team on it, so go with God, I say. Create cool stuff. We always need more of that."

Pratchett is an industry veteran. She has worked on big-name projects like the Tomb Raider reboot and BioShock Infinite, as well as Heavenly Sword and various entries in the Overlord series.

The 2010 original Mirror's Edge sold a couple million units, according to EA executive Frank Gibeau, who said in June that the sequel will "reach a bigger group of people."

Little is known about its gameplay outside of Gibeau describing the game as an "open-world action adventure game." The untitled Mirror's Edge sequel is currently in development for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. According to DICE, it will be released "when it's ready."

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