Original Killzone indefinitely delayed for PS3

Guerrilla Games says digital release of 2004 PlayStation 2 shooter on PlayStation Network pushed into future with no new release date.


The original Killzone shooter was supposed to land on the PlayStation Network on January 24, but it never made it. Today, developer Guerrilla Games has commented on the matter, saying the game has been pushed indefinitely into the future.

Gamers are going to have to wait for the original Killzone.
Gamers are going to have to wait for the original Killzone.

A tweet today from the official Killzone Twitter account reads, "I have no further info about KZ1 for PS3, save for the fact that it's delayed indefinitely. If I learn anything else, I'll tweet it here."

If/when Killzone does arrive on the PSN, it will be part of a larger Sony effort to release PlayStation 2 titles for the PlayStation 3 called the "Only on PSN" program.

Speculation about Killzone's arrival for the PS3 was first sparked when the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) published a rating for the game, indicating it was headed to that system.

For more on the original Killzone, check out GameSpot's 2004 review.

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