Original Doom 2 Floppy Disks Up For Auction, Current High Bid Is $2,550

John Romero invites you to own a piece of gaming history.


Want to own your own piece of video game history? Have some cash burning a hole in your pocket? Doom designer John Romero has put up a set of original Doom II floppy disks on auction site eBay--and the price is already pretty high.

The set of 3.5" floppies are for version 1.7, which is the first edition of Doom II. Note that they don't come with a box--just the discs. The current high bid is $2,550 after 80 bids. The auction ends later today, so you don't have much longer to place your bid. The winner will have the opportunity to have the floppies signed by Romero himself.

Shipping is available worldwide. Romero says the discs are in good condition, but they're pretty old, so you can probably expect some imperfections. Go to the eBay page (via IGN) to learn more.

The latest entry in the Doom series, 2016's Doom, was critically acclaimed. A virtual reality version of the game called Doom VFR was showcased at E3 and is coming out later this year.

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Hold on. My Doom 2 Shareware disks are worth $2,500...??

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The winning bidder is going to be required to wear a t-shirt that says "John Romero finally made someone his b*tch".

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Yeah but no! I believe I still have my disk together with the box and manual somewhere. I sell that for much less and can have my dog sign with his paws if you win. Lol!

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Umm, I have these in the basement, along with hundreds of other games on floppy, with boxes and manuals. They're yours for a LOT less.

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Lol or you can make your own floppy disc version of Doom 2 and save a hell of a lot of money.

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Cries in CD-ROM.

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Sad part... I think I still have these and the original DOOM on floppy.

I know I have several old floppy games still.... Wonder how much mine would go for...lol

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@MR_TIBB: Haha, same. I still have those original floppys. Although I doubt my signature on them would amount to anything compared to Romero's.

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Anyone even have a device that has a floppy drive these days lol

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@xOmniCloudx: lol I have a floppy drive in the computer I built just for the hell of it.

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@sellingthings: *than