Original Dead Island Developer Explains Why It's Making Dying Light Instead of Dead Island 2

"There were a lot of moments where we would disagree on the creative vision of the project."

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Polish developer Techland, which created the first Dead Island, is making another open-world, first-person zombie game, but it isn't called Dead Island 2. Instead, it's making a similar game under a new IP, Dying Light, and a new publisher, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

According to Techland game designer Maciej Binkowski, the developer didn't stick with Dead Island because of its relationship with publisher Deep Silver. "They had a lot of ideas about how they wanted to run the franchise," he told Eurogamer in an interview. "Even with Dead Island there were a lot of moments where we would disagree on the creative vision of the project, so this might have been one of the factors."

Binkowski said that Dead Island was Techland's idea, but the Deep Silver has owned the rights to it since the beginning because it was the best deal the developer could get at the time.

As to the similarities between Dead Island 2 and Dying Light, Binkowski doesn't sound concerned. "They're out to create something different: it's Dead Island, it's a different experience," he said. "It's all very colourful and I guess kind of goofy. So I think we're pretty safe, because our game is much more mature and dark, and we're aiming at different unique features such as freedom of movement [and] the day-night cycle."

Dead Island 2 is being made by Spec Op: The Line developer Yager and is set to release spring 2015 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Dying Light's release on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC was recently moved up to January 27 in North America, January 28 in Australia, and January 30 in Europe and Asia.

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I enjoyed Dead Island and look forward to another. *shrugs*

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Oh. I just noticed that Techland won't be part of Dead Island 2 and I think that's suppose to be a good thing.

Dying Light is a good open-world zombie game which is probably gonna be better than Dead Island 2 BUT Dying Light has a lot of bugs and glitches just like the original Dead Island which Techland also made.

It's a relief to know that a different dev team is working on Dead Island 2, hopefully they won't make DI2 as buggy and glitchy as Dead Island when it first released.

Though as we've seen in their videos so far, it looks cartoon-ish. I'm not really sure if I should get it.

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It's going to be extremely hard for Dead Island 2 to trump Dying Light If it does fair play to the development team but I can't see it happening at all.

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To all the people dissing Dead Island 2, you're forgetting one important thing... The f***ing game is not even out yet, there's actually a while before it comes, so how about you don't make assumptions about it being inferior to Dying Light just yet. It just makes you look ignorant...

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having the game exclusively only available to buy digital in australia, uk and europe on its release date seems like a cunning tactic to get more money from the games release than they would of if it had gone straight to retail since they make nothing off people trading their games in. which lets face it the biggest loss is made in the first 30 days cuz once everyone who bought it trades their copy in the revenue made from NEW declines as the market is saturated by second hand copys bought on day 1.

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Frankly, I am glad for something new from them instead of a sequel to Dead Island. Of course, Dying Light is basically a Dead Island game with a different plot and some new mechanics, but it sounds interesting at any rate and the Dead Island franchise felt like it was getting a bit stale after the Riptide, which was a sequel.

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Well Dead Island 2 is still coming out.. Just by a different developer.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Does this mean the sequel might actually be good? I bought dead island 1 on sale for 20 bucks and still feel like I got ripped off. At least the trailer advertising the game was pretty well made......

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Eh, after Riptide I felt like the franchise was already getting a bit stale. I'm really enjoying Dying Light though; I thought the Dead island games were decent, but Dying Light has that extra something special that is doing it for me.

Maybe the new dev for Dying Light will do something with it to refresh the franchise (for me anyhow), but we'll see.

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Looking forward to this one!

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I really like and agree with their vision for Dying Light. They said it's an evolution of the FPS genre. While thats yet to be seen, I like how they're giving complete freedom like in say Mirror's Edge. I honestly can't stand when in a game you can see your goal but can't make it there because there is a rock or a barrel blocking your path. In reality you would just climb over the damn thing. I'm playing The Witcher 2 right now and I can see my destination but can't get there because of small barricade blocking my path......it's annoying as hell!

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<< LINK REMOVED >> I also don't like in games when you are blocked by a simple small obstacle, however Dying Light's answer to that is quite extreme, personally I'd prefer something in between. It looks like it might be fun, and I'll probably get it, but I'm not thrilled about the heavy parkour, especially dancing on zombies' heads :).

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the only problem with Dead Island 2 is that it's no story

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<< LINK REMOVED >> How the hell would you know? The game isn't even out yet.

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> because Jager said so!

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Dead Island, for all its technical faults was one of my favorite games to have come out fairly recently. I think Techland succeed in creating a truly unique and fun IP. It's too bad they could not hold onto the rights. I have had Dying Light on pre-order since January. Can't wait for it to come out.

I'm not so sure about Dead Island two. While it looks like it might be fun, I'm not so sure about the comedic direction they appear to be headed. I had no interest in Dead Rising because of this. I'd rather see something more atmospheric and brooding.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> It was fun at first but became boring eventually due to the shoddy hit detection and flat character.s

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I don't like Deep Silver for Sacred 3. I would rather trust a developer with the balls to go in a different direction.

I'll easily give Dying Light a go before trusting Deep Silver again with a franchise.

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I'll buy both. I'm a bit concerned about Dead Island 2, though. I like the "mature and dark" style.

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Dying Light is going to be released on all platforms and that makes me nervous. I would prefer it to be current gen only. Usually games get dumbed down because of this. Not into melee'ing zombies over and over. I need more distance based weapons.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> the 360 and ps3 versions got cancelled so its ps4, xbox one and pc now. i recently got told from a good reliable source that mad max has been cancelled on ps3 but they are still releasing it on xbox 360.

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Dying Light > Dead Island 2

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F*** ur melee weapons and your leveling

god i miss old survival horror zombie games where attacking 3+ zombies with melee is as good as suicide

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<< LINK REMOVED >>I completely agree with you about the survival horror genre, I just don't see this game as survival horror. Dead island was a horror RPG - that's what i liked about it. People to talk, atmospheric world to explore, leveling in a horror setting - that's what I want to see in a sequel, not more action or horror.

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Blah im over zombie games by know. It just became a trend with same old games. Now Suda 51 and zombie games its passable.

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I did not knew that Guy behind dead island makes dying light, sudenly my interest dropped bit toward game ..

Avatar image for WolfgarTheQuiet

@wexorian That does not make sense after reading that article. Deep Silver was running the show, not him. Same as every other big or growing publisher.

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I don't understand what either of you are on about lol The article states that DI was Techlands baby but DS owns the rights to the name.

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@ktseymour That's exactly what Wolfgar said. Why don't you read before commenting

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Yes, that's a question mark.

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> so adorable

Avatar image for vadagar1

looks like another dead island garbage game again no thanks

this game looks average and might get a 5

Avatar image for WolfgarTheQuiet

@vadagar1 What, are psychic ?

Its a damn zombie game, what do you want, mechs from titancrap or something.

Avatar image for vadagar1

<< LINK REMOVED >> no i want survival horror where getting surrounded by 10 zombies means instant death (unless u have ammo)

melee attacking a zombie horde should be the stupidest most idiotic concept in history

Avatar image for CapnXtraObvious

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Not really. If you don't have a gun, you still have to defend yourself somehow. And melee weapons can be just as effective as guns.

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I've full confidence in Yager (Spec Ops: The Line) but not necessarily in Deep Silver. Techland seems like a smart bunch and I like the direction of Dying Light so far.

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I always figured that techland had some sort of falling out with deep silver over dead island when i first heard that they were doing dying light. To be honest it seems like it was a good move for them because dying light is looking like a much better game then Dead island 2 so far. Im betting deep silver is gonna regret letting techland go.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Dead Island to cant be compared to this. If you said Dying Light looks better than first Dead Island that would make sense.

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While I'll buy buy both I'm really looking forward to Dying Light. I love Mirror's Edge and this has that kind of movement with ZOMBIES!

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For all the people who think publishers like EA and Activision have no say in how the projects turn out... Here's your proof.

I personally have no interest in Dead Island 2, but I'll be picking up Dying Light.

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I think Dying Lights gonna be the better game of the two

The seemingly open movement, emphasis on running away instead of fighting and the fact that you will be even more vulnerable at night is more interesting to me than Dead Island 2s goofy zombie wackiness.

I think there is a strong possibility that Dead Island 2 will end up just an awkward first person version of a Dead Rising style zombie romp.
It may end up colourful, silly and it may be quite fun but I still own the Dead Rising so not so sure I need another one.

Where as even though there have been a ton of zombie games recently I can't recall a single one where the zombies actually seemed like a threat.

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Can't wait for Dying Light. I'll probably pick up the more Dead Rising-esque DI 2 as well

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