Original Acclaim's assets to be auctioned again

Defunct publisher's remaining rights to entire library of games set to go to the highest bidder next month.


While the rest of the gaming world is embroiled in the middle of the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, what's left of the original Acclaim Entertainment will be up for auction on the other side of the country. David R. Maltz & Co. will auction off "all of the estates right, title and interest, if any, to [Acclaim's] remaining video and computer games and related intellectual property" May 11 in Plainview, New York.

While the game rights were previously being offered piecemeal at auction, next month's event aims to clear out the rest of the catalog in one big lot. More than 200 games remain on the list of titles whose rights are up for grabs, including some that were confirmed to receive bids previously, including Mr. Domino and XGRA: Xtreme G Racing Association. Those considering picking up the rights to Vexx, Rise of the Robots, and other Acclaim titles should be warned: Maltz & Co. are making no guarantees about what Acclaim's rights to these games even include, and the auctioneer is requiring a deposit of $50,000 up front to register to bid.

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Ill miss Acclaim

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Time moves on and the only game I really ever liked from Acclaim was Turok for the N64. RIP and I bet not many want their dead IP nowadays. Dated, terrible crap....even to remake Turok...who cares anymore.

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Rise of the Robots (for SNES) is the worst Fighting game I ever bought, may it burn in the pit's of Hell!!!

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50 thou... i dont see tha much oppurtunity in their catolouge imo especially with no garuntees with the rights

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acclaim logo to me,back in those days,was a assurance i was gonna enjoy it,dunno,mortal combat II,turok,there's many good things,south park,i don't really understand.i just know,they did great games thinking 'bout Kuality,not Mbusiness,and they did great,acclaim R.I.P.,we'll remember you.

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No we shouldn't care. Most of the good Acclaim games were ports that they got the license to distribute. LJN was a division of Acclaim, and people know how most of LJN's games were, should I mention Karate Kid, Back to the Future, Friday the 13th. Acclaim sucks and always have. The reason they were one of the top developers in the NES, Genesis and SNES days was due to them getting the licneses to distribute games like Mortal Kombat (the first 2), NBA Jam, T2 the Arcade game, Double Dragon, ect... Acclaim never owned any of these licenses. They only got the rights to port them to consoles. Midway owns the rights to NBA JAM, so if you guys want a new one, then start e-mailing Midway. ___ didnt acclaim put out Final fight? double dragon maybe? (dusting off nintendo titles now... hold) ddi they make zombies ate my neighbors? that game was rocking.,..... bust a move is a great game and needs to be on the 360s marketplace ------ No Capcom owns and distrubuted the Final Fight property. Double Dragon was never owned by Acclaim. They only got the license to publish them on the NES and other consoles. Technos Japan owned the rights to Double Dragon. They went under, so Atlus now owns the rights to both Double Dragon and River City Ransom. Zombies ate my Neighbours was made by Lucas Arts and published by Konami. Bust a Move is owned by Taito, who owns and distrubited Bubble Bobble. Seeing as Bust a Move (Puzzle Bobble) has the Bubble Bobble characters in it. Namly Bob and Bub.

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well you should care about Acclaim, Acclaim was good back than its only a shame that people don't care about them. R.I.P Acclaim

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"oh man, acclaim made turok no more good turok as we know it and xg racing" Turok's been bought out already. Hence the "again" in this articles title.

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oh man, acclaim made turok no more good turok as we know it and xg racing

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Are there really any hidden treasures worth digging up here though??? I mean . . . the gaming world has moved on without any of Acclaims old games seriously being missed

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A lot of those games up for auction there aren't really viable for a buyer. Sports titles that no longer have a license, movie & TV show tie-ins (which again, probably are no longer valid) and seemingly some PC titles ported to the console (Myst and Riven). About the only thing original worth buying might be the Xtreme G series, and even that is kinda iffy.

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they made bad games but tryed. they we're cool intill you actually bought one of their games. they we're a great company, almost...but seriously, does classic evil ever truly die. dun-duh-duh!! turok verus prey, the next chapter is being forged in the darkest corner of the darkest corner of the darkest corner shop. dun-duh-duh!!!

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Let's put a pool together to by the rights to NBA Jam!!!Let's call it the Flatline Fund for Orphaned Games!!!!

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Wait, does this mean Red Star is going to be published again?

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hmm.. many of acclaims original IP's had some nice ideas but were just poorly executed. The Xtreme G and Turok Series were my personal favorites but after repeated sequels, they resorted to rehashing instead of innovation. Personally I wouldnt mind seeing the Xtreme G series revived, as Turok is already on its way back from the dead (and hopefully FAR better than its last iteration).

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they also made the south park games which no other company has done maybe if we are lucky someone will do another.

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didnt acclaim put out Final fight? double dragon maybe? (dusting off nintendo titles now... hold) ddi they make zombies ate my neighbors? that game was rocking.,..... bust a move is a great game and needs to be on the 360s marketplace

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We need a NBA Jam! That game was fun, and games should be fun. Nothing like flying across the court after picking up the "D".

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...and the ports for double dragon, bust a move, smash tv, various WWE games from the early 90s, mortal kombat ports and several other noteworthy names....these guys were an important cog back in the day, only marred now by the decline of dave mirra, xxx bmx and other failures of that sort

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What about NBA Jam? I loved that game. It's the only basketball game I've ever truely enjoyed.

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Only thing they ever made worthwhile was Turok and we all know how that evolved.

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what about no

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Uhhhh . . . $50,000 up front, just to bid? No Acclaim IP is worth that.

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seems like squeezing blood from a turnip...sad to see one of the older players go out terribly like this.....

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dont care, Acclaim is dead to me