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Original Acclaim's assets to be auctioned again

Defunct publisher's remaining rights to entire library of games set to go to the highest bidder next month.


While the rest of the gaming world is embroiled in the middle of the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, what's left of the original Acclaim Entertainment will be up for auction on the other side of the country. David R. Maltz & Co. will auction off "all of the estates right, title and interest, if any, to [Acclaim's] remaining video and computer games and related intellectual property" May 11 in Plainview, New York.

While the game rights were previously being offered piecemeal at auction, next month's event aims to clear out the rest of the catalog in one big lot. More than 200 games remain on the list of titles whose rights are up for grabs, including some that were confirmed to receive bids previously, including Mr. Domino and XGRA: Xtreme G Racing Association. Those considering picking up the rights to Vexx, Rise of the Robots, and other Acclaim titles should be warned: Maltz & Co. are making no guarantees about what Acclaim's rights to these games even include, and the auctioneer is requiring a deposit of $50,000 up front to register to bid.

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