Original 151 Pokemon, Recreated as Delicious Pancakes

Gotta eat 'em all.

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Missouri-based "pancake artist" Daniel Drake has shed new light on his epic Pokemon-shaped pancakes. "Dan the Pancake Man," as he's known, originally revealed his epic Pokemon creations last year, but he talks about the the origins and the process this week in an interview with GamesRadar.

First, he reveals just where the idea for "Dancakes" originally came from.

“I started doing pancake art because I was a short order fry cook with a real need to make better tips, as server wages in the States are draconian," he says. “It started simple; just smiley faces. But the first one I served earned me a $15 tip, and I said, ‘Hey! May as well make every pancake crazy, right?"

Drake kept making more and more creative pancakes, based on movie and TV characters originally. The Internet took notice, and he even went on NBC's The Today Show to talk about his work. Then he was hired at Corvid's Cafe in St. Louis--it was there that he created his first Pokemon-themed pancake, before going on to release the video below that thrust him into the spotlight.

Drake also reveals that he uses special pancake batter to make his Pokemon pancakes, and says that the most challenging monster to create was Arcanine.

“The hardest one was definitely Arcanine!," Drake explained. “My gosh, that critter has so much fuzz!!"

GamesRadar's full story about Drake's Pokemon pancakes is well worth a read. Check it out here.

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